The Best Arcade Shooting Games

It’s a great time to be a proud owner of one of our arcade machines, especially if you’ve opted for one of our light gun hop-ups. There are a wealth of classic gun based games which play perfectly on one of our fabulous machines. Why don’t we take a look at some…

House of the Dead III

Sega were on the top of their game when they released this title. And WOW entertainment did a stellar job of porting this title to PC. Not only is it arcade perfect, one can also ramp the resolution all the way up to 1080p, the textures are crisp, the polygons are smooth and it runs as smooth as silk on all formats.

Operation Wolf / Operation Thunderbolt

Op Wolf was perhaps one of the one the originators of the on-rails shooter, a ridiculously tricky game with a steep difficulty curve but immensely satisfying shooting wave after wave of terrorists and their vehicles. The tagline was “Thrilling Commando Action from Taito” and they weren’t wrong, it’s fast, frenetic and rarely lets up. The original featured fixed guns with a serious amount of recoil. The game spawned 3 sequels: Operation Thunderbolt, Operation Wolf III and Operation Tiger which was released in 1998. Definitely one for all lightgun owners.

Virtua Cop

This title was the first to use 3D in an on-rails shooter and influenced a lot of later titles (for example the Time Crisis series and the aforementioned House of the Dead series). This is definitely an action packed game which doesn’t let up- Virtua City is overrun with gunrunners and only Michael Hardy and James Cools can stop E.V.L Inc run by the equally cheesily named Joe Fang.

These are only a couple of titles which are available to play on our arcade machines, there are loads more lightgun games available and all emulators’ gun based games can work with our sharp-shooting gun. It’s more versatile than a swiss army knife!

Happy (Gun Based) Gaming!!!

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