The changing face of Arcade Gaming

Funland Arcade Gaming AreaWe live in transient times. It’s hard to find a arcade gaming machine anywhere in the public domain. Aside from “Las Vegas” on Wardour St which houses some Tekken, Sf4 and DDR arcade machines you would be hard pushed to find somewhere to kick back and spend a few pounds. You can always pop over to the Namco Funscape to try your hand, but its’s the exception unfortunately. Long gone are the days of Alien War, early virtual reality delivering some stomach churning, low poly count, weighted down action. Perhaps I’m looking back with rose tinted glasses but I remember wall to wall stellar titles on offer.

However, before we all get too depressed- all is not lost! Arcade titles for the hardcore gamer are still very much in production. Instead of going to your local arcade to sample the latest titles, they’re available on today’s video gaming consoles. On our last blog I briefly touched upon Grasshopper Studios’ cross platform stood-em up Sine Mora. Exactly like Street Fighter IV which has evolved exponentially from its predecessors, Sine Mora is an example of the evolution of the genre from titles such as 1942, Dragon Spirit and Progear.

I also forgot to mention that Sine Mora and other arcade gaming titles old and new are not only first rate but also great value for money. You can grab a copy of Sine Mora for as low as £7.99 and other titles are far less.

There is a huge resurgence in revamps and re-releases of genuine classic titles from the likes of Capcom with the new Capcom Arcade Cabinet or via Sega with a constant stream of titles old and new like Crazy Taxi or After Burner Climax.

If requested, this vast array of great titles can all be compatible on our arcade machines for sale. There is no better way of taking a trip back to the heady days of the zenith of arcade gaming.

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