The First Ever Gadget Show Live Christmas !

Children playing on the Evo Arcade Machine

Hi Guys!

We had a great time at the Gadget Show Christmas Live exhibition last weekend and once again we’re sharing a stand with our good friends at Replay. The combination of our high quality arcade machines and their retro gaming consoles such as the Nintendo 64 and Sega Mega Drive among others caused a flurry of interested Gadget Show Live visitors to get involved in some non-stop multiplayer gaming from 9am to 6pm every day of the exhibition. From Goldeneye to Micro Machines to even 10 player (cable nightmare) Bomberman was on offer to get the public’s hearts racing.

There were a lot of retrogamers within the exhibition demographic, and many gamers asked if their favourite game was in our machines and we always managed to satisfy their eager appetites whether they wanted Pac-Man, Street Fighter or pretty much any retrogame there is we had it on show inside our sleek arcade cabinets.

The Gadget Show wasn’t just about gaming, although most of the big names in the industry were there ranging from Nintendo showing off their brand spanking new Wii U (it looks like their new Super Mario Bros U is going to be a surefire winner).

We were lucky to have a go at Dead Space 3 at EA’s towering beast of a booth. They’ve upped the ante again making DS3 more cinematic and brown-trouser terrifying, graphically pushing the 360 to its limits.

Gadget Show Live Packed Arcades AreaThe gamers and non-gamers alike were pleased with our wide range of products as we had our Bespoke Arcades line of machines including the stand-up Apex and Evo and our table-top Synergy. The Synergy arcade machines in particular had families congregated around them, reliving parents’ youth and engrossed in their favourite timeless classics. Arcade games are like riding a bike, you never forget (except Defender) ;).

We also had our new more commercial line of arcade machines, the GameTime series which come in multiple flavours of different game-packs and in stand-up and table-top fashion. All 16 machines at our stand were occupied from 9am until 6pm- every single one performing flawlessly, which stands as a testament to the quality of our cabinets.

We at Bespoke Arcades have had an amazing exhibition, and we hope you had one too!



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