The New Apex Play From Bespoke Arcades

Arcade Machine PR – The New Apex Play From Bespoke Arcades

The New Apex Play From Bespoke Arcades

Many people dream of owning their own arcade machine in order to relive their younger years by enjoying classic video games in the way they were designed to be played. In these difficult economic times however many have found the cost of having an arcade cabinet simply out of their reach.

Now, Bespoke Arcades have a “play only” version of their popular Apex cabinet which brings arcade gaming within reach of many more people. Bespoke Arcades specialise in custom building arcade machines for usage in hotels, businesses or homes. Their existing range offers full multi-media functionality meaning that state of the art games consoles are compatible with the cabinets and users can enjoy the latest games through their arcade machine.

The new Apex Play has been designed as a simple “on-off” cabinet which allow users to play a range of over three hundred and fifty retro arcade games. Whilst there might not be the ability to add more games or emulators to the Apex Play cabinet it offers a wide range of iconic games at an affordable price. Ben Georget, from Bespoke Arcades, the leading online retailer of arcade machines and arcade cabinets, supplying some of the most prestigious outlets across the UK including Harrods, Hamleys and Selfridges, said, “We have had a lot of interest from customers who simply want to buy a custom-built, classic arcade cabinet loaded with games such as PacMan, Space Invaders and other iconic games.

Whilst our existing range has DVD drives, USB connections and media player functionality our new Apex Play system offers a simple gaming experience for users who just want to play a wide range of pre-loaded games in the traditional arcade fashion.” The Apex Play cabinets remain hand built and from the outside, they are almost identical to Bespoke arcades’ existing range boasting the same lush paint finish, quality controls, venting system and high quality screen.

Mr Georget added, “The Play range of cabinets has been developed for people who just want to play a certain number of games that are locked into the system. This makes them ideal for locations such as hotels and offices as well as being the perfect addition to any home games room. Whilst they are more affordable than the Apex machines, they remain true to Bespoke Arcades philosophy of bringing the consumer first-class gaming.”

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