Time Crisis

Time Crisis Arcade Machine ScreenshotSo you feel like being a secret agent and watching some seriously cheesy scripting? Normally you would have to sacrifice a lot of space and incur the wrath of your better half, but now you can do the same job and a whole lot more with one of our Evo arcade machines with the Playstation adapter resulting in the Time Crisis arcade machine.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the series, the Time Crisis arcade machine titles are “On-rails-Shooters” (like being on a roller coaster shooting). Namco’s series also pioneered with an innovative cover system- a pedal or button that allows you to duck behind nearby objects and avoid enemy fire. The series has become a firm favourite with fans of the genre thanks to the fast, frenetic action and over the top hammy dialogue.

With a Bespoke Arcades machine you have infinite flexibility. Most Time Crisis titles can be played via the original game and console and some of our console adapters. Just dust off your console, dig out Time Crisis and play away! Have your own custom Time Crisis arcade machine experience.

Power up your Playstation and fire up the original Time Crisis. Be a one man army working on behalf of the VSSE International Intelligence whatever and take on the might of the Sercian military and insane dictator Sherudo Garo (typical…). Playing it today, its still a fantastic title although the timing seems a tad different from the arcade original (which can be also be played thanks to the versatility of all Bespoke Arcades cabinets).

Fast-forward four years, a couple of titles and you have the choice to take on the persona of the immaculately styled Evan or Giorgio in Time Crisis IV (see right), running around an airport investigating weapons trafficking. But don’t fret if you’ve lost your G-Con or don’t want those ugly sensors draped over the screen- our light gun is fully Playstation 3 compatible thanks to updated firmware.

With the lag free, crystal-clear HD display on an Evo cabinet, the Time Crisis never looked or played better. Make your very own Time Crisis arcade machine experience on our Evo cabinet.

Action, Reload and Happy Gaming!!!

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