Time Killers

Time Killers

Time Killers stands as one of the earliest weapon-based fighting games that focuses from 8 characters from various periods of time that battle each other and then Death himself for a chance to win immortality. If you want to play the old retro fighters, check out or bespoke arcade machines!

In terms of game play, Time Killers plays alike Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter II with the game mechanics of Tekken. There is a button per body part (left and right arm, left and right leg and head) and the player can achieve a stronger attack by pressing both limb buttons simultaneously. If enough damage is taken by an arm it can fall off and it is even possible to lose both arms and only fight with the characters head and legs!

Other moves include the ‘Death’ and ‘Super Death Move’. The Death Move can chop off the opponents head to end the round, achieved by pressing all five buttons at once. Whereas, the Super Death Move can only be carried out if the enemy is stunned, it can be done by holding the joystick towards the rival and pressing all five buttons. This move will remove both arms and head off of the victim.

There are a variety of characters in the game who come from both the past and future, some of these are said to have been based on real people.

Rancid is a streetwise punk from 2024 who carries a chainsaw. In his lifetime, he was framed for murder and has an ‘X’ shaped scar on his head which he got from a battle with the real killer.

Orion is a space hero was supposedly grown from a test tube. In 2885 Orion is best known for flying around space. One day, he becomes a fugitive for fleeing the Police out of fear whilst trying to report an alien attack. His weapon is an electric sabre.

Thugg is presented as a large, prehistoric caveman that wields an axe. Known for defeating an alien race against an alien race called Troglodytes who were harvesting humans.

Lord Wulf is a heroic knight from the medieval ages. Supposedly based on King Arthur, the character is said to be raised in Camelot and uses a sword named Excalibur as a weapon. His family was murdered by the evil Count Morbid who murdered all of his family.

Leif is a Viking who fights with his battle axe. Part of the Black Army, led by Black Thorn, who plan to take over the world.

Musashi is a samurai who fights with a sword. Known for his work as the finest Japanese general, the character lost his army in a battle against a dragon. Musashi only surviving due to the dragon scale he wears. It is thought that this character is based on Miyamoto Musashi.

Matazz is a mutant creator who looks like a praying mantis, she is the queen of her race and comes from the year 4002. In this year, there has been a war against the humans and Mantazz’s kind. However, after she goes missing the two races live peacefully together. The queen fights with her razor sharp claws.

Matrix is a female soldier from the year 3297 and features a bionic arm. She uses a sword made out of plasma. She is known for defeating a master drone of attacking robots.

At the end of the game the player finds out that Death has planned the whole tournament through selecting each opponent and letting them fight for immortality. To fit the character he carried a scythe. Death can only be defeated through using the ‘Death Move’ or ‘Super Death Move’.

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