Titanfall touches down on Xbox One and PC.

I excitedly waited for the game to install, then update as I personally felt this was the first major title for the Xbox One. So what is Titanfall about?

You start off on foot with Samus-style double jumps, your pilot can run on walls parkour-style as well as be pretty fast. After a countdown you can summon your giant mech onto the battlefield, mount up, then go wild blowing up all and sundry…

It’s great fun to play, the matches are always exciting as the maps are pretty small. Respawn have developed a game which is delicately balanced so a player has a fighting chance even when they’re not aboard a mech. Respawn have done their best to make it more accessible to novices- there are easier kills via ai-controlled opponents and self locking pistols.

Bold strides have been taken in order to provide gamers with a new slant on a very tried and tested formula. The standard repertoire of moves available to both pilots and mechs (which feature a dash mode to get out of tight spots, a shield which can absorb and repel projectiles as well as others) genuinely make gameplay different from the plethora of other multiplayer shooters. Normally if any game deviates from the well-trodden paths of others, a rubbish game results (like Brink). But in Titanfall’s case- it works.

Matches are fast paced, varied and above all enjoyable. There are a multitude of blockbuster moments inn each game where your pilot can achieve death defying escapes while your mech absorbs a volley of incoming frags to turn the tables in a fight.

Graphics aren’t up to the standards of what I’m sure the Xbox One is capable of and there is no one player option to play. There is a campaign mode, however this consists of a standard multiplayer game with dialogue preceding the events while you’re in the lobby.

Speaking of lobby- stability over the opening weekend was flawless, not one timeout or glitch.

Microsoft were looking for an exclusive killer-app to wave in Sony’s direction in order to push gamers over the edge and shell out for some Seattle-based next generation tech. And once the hype has settled- was it worth the wait?

In my humble opinion- you bet’cha! It’s good fun to play, 15 maps to wade through and it’s a great introduction to those unfamiliar with the genre.

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