Unusual Gift Ideas For The Groom To Be

Arcade Machine PR – Unusual Gift Ideas For The Groom To Be

Unusual Gift Ideas For The Groom To Be

Buying wedding gifts for friends or family is easy as you generally have a wedding list from which to choose. Selecting a thoughtful and personal gift for your spouse is a different matter entirely, however, and trying to choose a wedding gift for your bride or groom can be tricky. Now, Bespoke Arcades, leading suppliers of arcade machines have a range of great arcade machines that make the perfect gift for your groom on the event of your marriage.

Bespoke Arcades specialise in custom building arcade machines which are the perfect addition to a games room in any home. They offer a range of stylish arcade cabinets all of which allow over three hundred and fifty retro arcade games to be enjoyed in the way they were originally intended. Some of the systems also include multimedia functionality and allow state of the art modern games consoles to be played via the cabinet.

Ben Georget, from Bespoke Arcades, the leading online retailer of arcade machines and arcade cabinets, supplying some of the most prestigious outlets across the UK including Harrods, Hamleys and Selfridges, said, “Buying a wedding gift for your husband can prove something of a headache. Items that a man wants – an Aston Martin or a top of the range Rolex – are out of most people’s price range. We receive a lot of enquiries from brides-to-be looking for a unique and imaginative wedding gift for their husbands at an affordable price. We can custom build an arcade cabinet to your needs and have it delivered in time for the big day. It really is the perfect gift for any groom.”

The cabinets either come in the classic upright style or as a cocktail table. There are many customisable options including the controls, speakers, PlayStation or Xbox compatibility and even superb touches like smoked glass or personalised artwork. Mr Georget added, “Brides just need to remember that it can take us between two and four weeks to custom build and ship your cabinet and so they need to leave plenty of time before their big day to order their arcade cabinet from us. On arrival though, it is certain to be a gift that their loved one will never forget.”

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