Wreck It Ralph - A Bespoke Arcades movie review

If you’re a fan of retro, the you will no doubt have already seen the legendary Wreck It Ralph. This new Pixar masterpiece puts a nostalgic tear in any gamer’s eye cradling videogames’ most iconic characters and weaves a tale centred around Ralph who is the bad guy of the fictional game “Fix It Félix Jr”. He doesn’t want to be the villain anymore so he embarks on a journey through multiple games in Litwak’s arcade to get out of his rut and gain the respect of his peers in the game.

The characters we hold most dear from our youth are here to see amped up in super-sweet high definition and you can tell the movie is made by lovers of the heyday of arcade gaming. The fictional game worlds Disney created pays homage to Mario Kart with their fictional game Sugar Rush, the game’s music sounds like it came straight from Nintendo’s stable. Sergeant Calhoun (Glee’s Jane Lynch) does a fantastic job of playing the Lead in Hero’s Duty (think Halo), I could be wrong- but she does bear more than a resemblance to Samus from Metroid. But John C Reilly takes the crown as the lovable main character Ralph, a bad guy with a heart.

Its safe to say I have never enjoyed watching the end credits of a movie so much, each frame pays homage to countless games right down to the very end of the credits which features a good old kill screen. It was a perfect conclusion to what will be my Blu Ray must-buy of the year, perhaps I’m biased as I live and breathe videogames, but I don’t care- its the nuts!

Finally, if you feel like playing Fix It Félix Jr on your Bespoke Arcades machine, there’s no need to fantasize, some clever chaps called Code Mystics have done just that- if you have a quick search on the interweb, you can find it no problem and its fully compatible with all Bespoke Arcades machines.

Its on like Donkey Kong!!!

Happy Gaming


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