Custom XCom: Enemy Unknown Project

Late last year we started working on a collaborative project with 2K Games to bring out custom gaming machines for their new game XCom: Enemy Unknown. Since then we have work night and day to bring out 8 amazing custom built machines to play the game on.

These high quality machines have been showcased at numerous exhibitions as part of the XCom: Enemy Unknown stand; these include Insomia 46, Eurogamer Expo, Play Expo and the MCM Comic Con. Gamers were literally crowding round waiting eagerly for a chance to play the game on our beautifully built gaming machines.

2K’s XCom: Enemy Unknown is a turned-based role-playing strategy game, and is a remake of 2K’s UFO: Enemy Unknown which was originally released in 1994. Imagine the future where the Earth has been invaded by extraterrestrial life, and you are a member of a global elite organisation called “XCOM” are charged with the duty to protect the Earth from these aliens. The game was released on the 9th October in the USA and the 12th worldwide, and is a huge success!

Our custom built arcade machine are bespoke to the XCom: Enemy Unknown game and feature authentic Sanwa joysticks and illuminated push-push buttons. The custom XCom machine provides crisp clear visuals with the larger (how many inches?) Full High Definition screen combined with the superb 5.1 surround sound to ensure that you get the ultimate gaming experience similar to the gaming experience on our range of bespoke arcade machines.

The machines were given away as prizes in competitions run by 2k games, and below a few quotes from what the public (on Twitter and Facebook) thought about our custom built XCom machines:

Anyone see those awesome XCOM table arcade cabinets @bespokearcades made for EGXP? Someone want to get me one of those yeah? – Vaughn

Awesome! – Sterian

Check out the elegant custom finish below:

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