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Apex Racer Driving Arcade Machine

Apex Racer Driving Arcade Machine

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After years in the making, fine tuning and tweaking. The time has come to release our Bespoke Arcades Racer (Cue fanfare, fireworks and a Ferrari Testarossa)...

The Apex racer is designed to meet the needs of today's urban retro driver. You can either pick up people with aplomb in Crazy Taxi. Maybe you want to watch some Miami Vice, get into some flannel shoes, Porsche 928 Turbo and shunt the bad guys into the wall in Chase H.Q.- well now you can "Go Mr Driver" with the newest addition to our arcade repertoire.

    Using genuine Happ Suzo arcade pedals, wheels and shifters the arcade games feel exactly like they're meant to. You have the same weighty, sturdy steering wheel with solid, thick aluminium pedals which are designed to take a firm stamping. Every single shifter we offer were used in the most famous driving games of all time and are still used in today's current arcade games. And no matter which one you go for you have that same tactile feeling which takes you back to when flying down the sun drenched highways of Out Run was a genuine thrill. It still is- the music is just as iconic and you'll be whistling the tunes whilst driving to work the next day.

    Or if you want to opt for a more modern setup- you can choose the Logitech G29 which is great for the newer games as well as classics and comes with force feedback so you can feel every rut in the road and let the steering wheel fight you on every turn! Truth be told- here at Bespoke Arcades we love the traditional feel of the Happ setup every time.

    Just like all of our arcades, we offer full remote support if controls in a particular title needs some tweaking.

    You might want to have a particular setup. The main stumbling block is which shifter? Just give us a bell and we'll set up a configuration that's right for you.

    Some games like F-Zero you might just want to plug a joypad in (which you can choose from the upgrades above) or you just might also want someone to ride shotgun. Quite literally if you play Lucky and Wild and one person is driving while the other is shooting via the optional lightgun. You can also massively expand the number of games if you choose the lightgun upgrade, you'll then have access to over 100 lightgun games to play.

    Well the convenient usb ports are there for the above use and a whole lot more. Retro Cloud will be on hand to provide you with any game which takes your fancy and you're free to add whatever you want thanks to the hot swappable hard drive feature.

    But let's be clear on what you're getting. The traditional arcade games came in 2 flavours- one was a traditional steering wheel with 270 degrees of turn and springs back to the center. The other was a steering wheel attached to a spinner (like Arkanoid)- these wheels just spun and spun infinitely. If you remember Pole Position or Super Sprint- these arcades ran on those setups. We've painstakingly gone through each game so the titles run as great as can be on a 270 degree steering wheel.

    If you want the best of both worlds- we can install a spinner so you can play both types of game perfectly- as they should be and one can unscrew the spinner wheel so you can have one central wheel. Whatever you need- we can customise the machine so it's perfect for you. Everyone is different :)

    So which PC would suit your needs? The standard PC supplied with the racer is perfect for your traditional retro arcade racers like Super Monaco GP or Power Drift for example. Enough processing power is available to play the Golden age of arcade gaming perfectly.

    If you need a little more oomph to play the later 3D titles like Daytona, Crazy Taxi or Sega Rally then a Pro Spec PC will fit the bill. This PC will also open the floodgates to allow more console based games to be played (although you might need to use a joypad due to the unique controls).

    For example Out Run's shifter is all driven via one microswitch so its ether on (for hi gear) or off (for low) when its disengaged- great for Out Run, Chase HQ but not so cool for the rest.

    But you might want to go up and down a range of gears- like in Super Monaco GP etc (better as you can sequentially go up and down the gears) then our standard hi/low shifter will be best.

    Along with that- what about a turbo boost button on the sequentially geared shifter? No worries- we've got your six. During the ordering process we can advise you on the best setup and you can be clear on what you're wanting. I would opt for this as it covers all the bases and still harks back to the best days of arcade racing.

    So many great games to play, exactly as you remember but brand spanking new (cigarette burns and cat pee odour an optional extra).

  • Play all your Classic Arcade Racing Games
  • Full Arcade Commercial Controls
  • Black Finish with Stylish Chrome Trim
  • 19” 4:3 HD MVA Screen + Arcade Game System
  • Handmade in the UK to Highest Standard
  • So Simple to Use – Just Plug and Play
  • High Scores Saves Keep Challenge Ongoing
  • Add More Games/Emulators to your System
  • Unlimited Phone/Email Tech Support
  • Free Mainland UK Pallet Delivery Included
  • Full 12 Month Parts and Labour Warranty

  • Machine: Classic Stand-Up Upright Arcade Racer with Arcade wheel, pedals and shifter
  • Number of Games: 150 with the ability to add more
  • Games Type: 80s + 90s Arcade Racer
  • Cabinet Dimensions: Height – 170cm/67 inches, Width – 70.5cm/28 inches, Depth – 64cm/25 inches, Weight – 75kg/165 lbs
  • Additional Features: Play Classic Arcade Racing Games, 2 x USB Ports, Classic Square 19” Screen, Top Quality Sound System, Unrivalled UK Support.

    All Bespoke Arcades machines are backed by a 12-month back-to-base warranty with parts/labour included as free with this system. With all arcade machines you get unlimited phone/email support so you can be confident that you will always get help if required. Over 95% of enquiries can be arranged on the phone by either talking you through or remotely accessing your system with your permission. You are paying for the hardware and associated work, all access to games is provided as free. Some games may require internet connection.

Standard Games List

The Standard PC is perfect for the drivers that want to play only the classic arcade games- the titles which stand the test of time like Out Run, Chase H.Q. or Super Monaco GP and features 80 all-time classic titles.

Pro-Spec PC Games List

The Pro-Spec games list features not only the 80 classics above but also access to approximately 15 more modern racing greats like Daytona, Sega Rally and Scud Race.

Many more titles are included to complement these which might require the use of a joypad.

This section allows you to compare the specifications between Play, Media and Elite PCs. Rest assured every series play the games they are meant to perfectly with no slowdown or lack of performance.

Play Series PC

  • Pentium class Dual Core with onbard GPU
  • 4 GB Ram
  • 120 Gb SSD

Media Series PC

  • i3 Quad Core CPU
  • 8 GB DDR4 Ram
  • 120 GB SSD
  • 2 Tb Extra Hard Disk
  • Dedicated nVidia GPU
  • Front Loading Hot Swappable Hard Drive Caddy

Elite Series PC

  • i7 Octa Core CPU
  • 16 GB Ram
  • 240 GB SSD
  • 3 TB Extra Hard Disk
  • Dedicated nVidia GTX GPU
  • Front Loading Hot Swappable Hard Drive Caddy
  • Bose Speakers

Delivery is usually within 2-3 weeks from order confirmation although this can often be sped up or extended to accommodate your plans so please don’t hesitate to ask.

With pallet delivery, we advise you to have at least 2 able-bodied people at the delivery point to unpack and position the cabinet at your location.

Overseas or 2-man delivery options are available for an extra charge so please get in touch for a quote if required.

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    Free UK Delivery

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    2 Year Warranty!

  • Lifetime Remote Support


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    28 Day Returns

  • The team at Bespoke Arcade in my opinion are excellent. The service I received was professional, understanding, caring, informative and thorough making me feel that they thoroughly valued me as a client.

    The Machine itself is a quality build, very strong, reliable and very robust and the customised graphics we requested are superbly done.

    Delivery was arranged around my timeframe and I was kept informed on build progress and delivery progress something I really appreciated.

    I had a couple of user issues and when I called both Luke and Phil were very supportive dealing with my issues immediately and thoroughly.

    All in all a thoroughly pleasant experience and a great product with exceptional help and advice from Ben, Phil and Luke.

    Huge thanks to all at Bespoke Arcades.

    Ian Cridland

  • Bought an Evo Elite Arcade machine this Christmas from Phil and the team at Bespoke Arcades.

    Phil did an incredible job with my machine. From visiting their showroom to play test, he was always on hand to help me choose the right machine, additionally going the extra mile to produce the artwork I wanted.

    After receiving the machine he also made himself available through an online teams chat to guide me through any questions I had about using certain games and features.
    If you’re thinking of buying a retro arcade games machine look no further than Bespoke Arcades! You certainly won’t regret it! A top quality product with friendly support!

    Robert Baker

  • We absolutely love our Bespoke Arcade GT-2500 3-sided tabletop arcade machine. The build quality, workmanship and contemporary design make it such a focus feature and the games are incredible for all ages. It’s a hit with all our Family and such a fantastic investment.

    Customer experience from choosing, buying and delivery was 10/10 and the aftercare from Phil and team, along with their passion and honesty sees them at the top of the market when making this kind of investment. Best Xmas / Family / Birthday gift you will buy for the whole Family. Thanks Phil!


  • I'd been looking for a retro machine to take me back to my arcade days for some time, but so many of the supposed replicas available were poorly built and simply didn't function authentically. Then I found Bespoke and as soon as I spoke to them, saw the quality of their machines and that they could build whatever I wanted, I was sold. Have had the machine 3 years now, it runs perfectly and I've even made my 14 year old daughter a retro game fan! Today, they've just updated my machine remotely to give me even more functionality!

    Guy Warner

  • I recently received my Evo arcade and it’s absolutely amazing. There were a few minor issues during ordering but these were swiftly dealt. What I have been most impressed with is the level of customer support which has been outstanding. If you are looking to get a multi game arcade machine then this is the company to deal with as you won’t be disappointed.

    Mr Austwick

  • I purchased a Synergy Play machine for the kids, mainly to understand what games I used to play on when I was younger.

    I’ve had the machine for over two years now with no issues!

    It’s a great focal point when we have the family round or a party.
    The build quality is great, the functionality is great and the customer support is beyond good.
    You really can buy with 100% confidence that what you’re getting will be amazing and if you do need support it will be there!

    PS. Great for parties :-)

    Andrew George

  • I love my machine.
    I wanted a light gun machine with the normal retro games too (just to have) but for me playing games like Time Crisis was the biggest want.

    Its complex and ive run into issues twice but Phil has both times solved it for me. The after care service is very good.

    Highly Recommend this company.
    I live in Ireland (Dublin) and transportation was not expensive.


  • They're a really friendly group of guys at Bespoke Arcades who will talk you through all their various options and let you playtest to your heart's content. When you see the machines you can immediately tell they're beautifully made, much better than any of the competition. Great post-sales support as well. This is obviously a business run by competent and caring people.


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  • I bought a machine 5 years ago and Phil helped me to upgrade to windows 10 with a new hard drive swap . Superb service considering the age of the machine

    jamie cunningham

  • Could not be happier with my new arcade machine!! Right from initial conversations on which model to choose, through the ordering process, including having a bespoke Cabinet design, the team went over and above to make the whole process seamless, and the end product is of such high quality and greatly exceeded expectations!! I did a lot of research before choosing bespoke arcades and they are the best in the country, if you’re thinking about buying an arcade machine then bespoke arcades is your only choice. Thanks Phil & team for everything you’ve done

    Mr Chris Ramsden

  • Bespoke Arcades are the best in the business. Had multiple upgrades over the years and customer service is without doubt their top priority. Mainly dealt with Phil and Jack but also met the whole team including founder Ben. All attended to my every need - no task too big or small. Highlight was retrofit of an LCD marquee in my Apex machine which they had never done before. Some teething issues but these were addressed with the greatest care and professionalism. Happy to have been able to donate some of my own marquee designs for use in other Apex cabs. Couldn’t be happier with the end product - my dream arcade! Thanks guys!!


  • I bought GTX stand-up arcade cabinet from Phil and Jack at a recent exhibition. After much consideration I went with Bespoke Arcades due to the passion of the guys who spent a considerable amount of time discussing all the functions and capabilities of their range of systems. I think 6000 games should keep me busy for a while! The range is amazing and even had my favourite game 'crazy climber' from my youth. The system evens allows remote access and they were able to talk me through the joy stick configuration.
    If you are looking for a system, these are the guys to buy from.

    ANDY H

  • Ordered a GT120 which took approximately 6 weeks to arrive as custom built. The machine exceeded our expectations as has 120 classic arcade games and the retro look which is what we were after. The games are all original. Highly recommend. The unit is customised with my favourite football team.

    Alison Queen

  • Phil and his team work tirelessly on my Terminator themed brief, creating a one of a kind machine for me which is truly outstanding! The after sales service has been 2nd to none. Nothing its ever too much trouble for them, and when I have had some technical issues they have always been prompt in logging into my machine to put things right. I cannot recommend Bespoke Arcades highly enough!!! I wouldn't hesitate to use them again and would be very happy to chat to anyone thinking of using them.

    Lee Rebbeck

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  • Had another positive experience with Bespoke Arcades. After sales service was exceptional. Staff (Phil) was very helpful by email and during call out. Turned up on time, was efficient, polite, and went the extra yard above and beyond sorting out original issue. Communication was great and I was very satisfied with every aspect of the service.

    Stephen Rosser

  • I had Phil and the team made the bespoke machine for me 4 years ago, with some ideas which weren’t standard but they spent time and made all of them happened !!! Recently I moved my house and the control panel of the machine stopped working. The support you still can get them, even after 4 years of purchase, is amazing!!! This is the service I am expecting with bespoke purchases and the customer never feels left alone when there is issue. This is someone you can trust.

    Aurora Li

  • 100 percent recommended. Ultra professional company providing brilliant products and service. Built a custom machine for me with 1000s of games and shipped it to Switzerland for a very fair price. Connected remotely and kindly set up some laserdisc games for me for free at my request after purchase. After sales support is exceptional and the quality of the machine is top notch. When my son brings his friends over it’s great to see them being amazed playing some of the games I grew up with as a kid. You can also plug in a controller and play AAA pc games using things like shadow or GeForce Now. Great purchase.


  • Spec out your Arcade Machine

    Step 1.

    We can spec out your perfect arcade machine

    Using the best components in the industry. Perhaps you want the most high-tech machine including Dynamic Marquees and addressable arcade buttons or you simply want a cost effective, reliable arcade machine- we've got you covered and will give you honest unbiased advice.

  • Handbuilt in the UK with 18 years experience

    Step 2.

    Hand-built in the UK with 18 years experience

    All our machines are cut, built, kitted out in North London and sold via the finest retail outlets such as Harrods, Selfridges and all the premier online stores in the UK and globally and all come with CE certification. With almost 2 decades of know how- lifetime (non transferable) remote support is on hand for your peace of mind.

  • Quality assurance

    Step 3.

    Quality assurance

    Throughout every stage of the production process we make sure each component is meticulously checked. Prior to shipping we test each machine for hours while ensuring the cabinet is shipped blemish free to prevent disappointment. Every cabinet is then wrapped so it has a comfortable journey to your home.

  • Pallet or 2 Man Delivery

    Step 4.

    Pallet or 2 Man Delivery

    You can either opt for a kerbside delivery via pallet at a day of your choosing which also comes with an accurate time slot or a one or two man delivery so you have a hassle free introduction to the world of classic arcade gaming. Whatever you choose we will make sure you're happy with the service provided.