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Are you a fan of a particular iconic game? Want to make some extra money in your bar? Well, here you can find almost identical replicas of the original coin-operated arcade games, or customised variants of our own products.

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  • Contactless Available
  • Coin Operation
  • 100% Legal

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Commercial Arcade Machine FAQs

Where Are Your Commercial Arcade Machines Made?

Every one of our commercial arcade machines are hand built and finished at our workshop here in the UK. We’re proud to craft our cabinets using traditional techniques and ensure that no machine leaves our premises until it is 100% perfect. After all, it is our razor-sharp attention to detail that marks us the undisputed artisans of arcade machines.

Can I Make Money From A Commercial Arcade Machine?

You sure can. Our commercial machines are built using the original JAMMA boards, which means venues and businesses can legally charge for their use. What’s more, we’re able to build your machine as per your preferred payment method. Simply choose your specifications via the drop-down menu and let us know whether you require a coin slot, contactless payment terminal or both.

How Long Does It Take To Set Up A Commercial Arcade Machine?

Simply plug in your commercial machine and it’s ready to go! Forget the techy set-up or lengthy installation, guests will be blasting asteroids and fleeing ghosts in no time.

Do Your Commercial Arcade Machines Come With A Warranty?

All of our products are covered by a 12-month warranty, including on-site assistance for the first 3 months, should any complications arise. Additionally, all Evo machines come with a 12-month back-to-base warranty, covering both parts and labour.

Can I Upgrade My Commercial Arcade Machine?

Of course, your commercial machine can be built according to a range of upgradable specifications. Whether you’re looking to max out your aesthetics with a full game graphics package or level up your cabinet with our one-of-a-kind dynamic marquee, we’ve got you covered. 

To protect your machine from passionate punters and heated head-to-heads, we can even install a perspex display screen and heavy-duty metal kick plate.