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King-Pin EX Virtual Pinball Machine

King-Pin EX Virtual Pinball Machine

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Have you dreamt of owning your own collection of pinball machines to play whenever you fancy, but space/cost have been an issue? Look no further than the King-Pin EX, our top-of-the-range pinball cabinet! Simply turn on your machine and you can have access to 100s of pinball classics at your fingertips! Flip between all your favourite games on the most powerful pinball machine imaginable!

King-Pin EX features:

  • Beautifully handcrafted King-Pin chassis
  • Authentic pinball cabinet parts
  • Stunning 43” playfield screen
  • Fully animated 28" back glass screen
  • Full colour 14.9” DMD score screen
  • Optimised for use with many pinball platforms
  • Authentic-feel flipper effects
  • Full feedback with 10 vibration points
  • Effects include a knocker and gear motor
  • Amazing lightshow with 5 RGB lamps
  • RGB lit flipper + control buttons
  • Analog nudge/tilt allows bumping of the table
  • STEAM gift card for compatible games
  • Intel core i7 PC with 4TB hard disk space
  • Wi-Fi enabled with 2 external USB ports
  • Superb BOSE™ speaker system
  • Genuine pinball coin door (for authenticity)
  • Wireless handheld keyboard/mouse
  • Pre-installed menu system for easy table management
  • Made in the UK by our team of specialists
  • On-site installation within 100 miles of London
  • Pallet delivery for further in UK or overseas
  • Full 1 year’s parts/labour warranty (first 3 months on site*)
  • Many upgrades and options possible

A truly regal pinball experience

The King-Pin EX has a beautiful, sleek build as modelled on a traditional wide-body machine and guaranteed to be seen as one of the finest additions to any games room, home or venue. Every King-Pin EX cabinet is hand-made by the best in the trade, being crafted to the highest standard, all in the UK. No expense is spared in delivering a truly unforgettable experience when playing on a King-Pin EX. Designed for you to enjoy, and all of your friends/family to envy!

The King-Pin EX has only genuine pinball parts and a real pinball coin-door, giving it the look, feel and quality of an authentic machine. Through using the most cutting-edge PC technology, the King-Pin EX is a fantastic and modern way to experience all of your favourite classic tables - all on one amazing virtual pinball machine!

Technology surpasses reality

The King-Pin EX features a whopping 43-inch screen acting as the playfield for this stunning machine. Specially selected for the low-response time and vivid display options, it’s hard not to get lost in the play. It is so immersive, you’ll forget that there isn’t a real ball rolling around inside the display!

A fully animated 28” back-glass provides the ultimate visual feast, with each and every element for original tables being replicated down to the simulated glow of the bulbs!

A full colour 14.9” DMD score screen is just as you remember and more! Including traditional score fields and on-screen mini games, it helps to provide the most immersive pinball experience around!

That familiar feeling of the flippers are replicated to the highest quality with the King-Pin EX. With the memorable “clack-clack” of the flippers it really feels and sounds like the real thing!

The full virtual works

The King-Pin EX includes the full vibration kit which really has to be seen, felt and heard to be believed! The 10 points of vibration, kicker and shaker motor situated at the optimum points within the chassis give absolutely astonishing results. This amazing addition will certainly surpass all of your expectations!

The King-Pin EX has an amazing RGB lightshow which is powered by 5 large RGB lamps through an LED controller to create a breath-taking array of light effects to add to your experience! With this option you also have RGB lit control and flipper buttons to give you the extra bling all round.

If that isn’t enough for you, an extra very cool feature is a pre-installed nudge/tilt controller which allows the King-Pin EX to be moved with only a nudge of the cabinet! For all you authenticity seekers, this is a must-have as you can truly see the ball moving when the machine has been knocked and tilted.

Can you play…?

The King-Pin EX acts as a blank canvas and enables you to add all of your favourite tables both old and new. Fully-compatible with Pinball FX 2 and The Pinball Arcade library of games – you have a superb collection of tables to choose from and play all at your fingertips.

All of these games are provided for you over your own dedicated Steam account, which starts your King-Pin EX journey with Pinball FX 2…

Pinball FX 2 caters for the true digital-pinball fan, featuring major household titles, it provides the best standard of gaming possible, even adding cut-scenes and mini games to the immersive gameplay!

The Pinball Arcade provides you with all your favourite and beloved tables from your youth. Featuring huge titles such Twilight Zone™, Medieval Madness™, The Addams Family® they also provide over 50 more classics that you won’t be able resist revisiting.

The King-Pin EX allows you to go one step further by adding the Visual Pinball or Future Pinball emulators. Giving you access to hundreds of tables, these will allow you to build a true library of the bygone games from your youth, all at the touch of a button!

A roaring PC engine

The King-Pin EX features a monster i7 quad core PC, with a mammoth 4TB of hard drive space to accommodate all of your favourite tables! This allows for an even more realistic and immersive experience, and more advanced pinball action. As well as a whole load of extra settings options to refine whichever tables as you prefer. You also have a top GTX graphics card giving you the smoothest and most customisable display allowing you to take virtual pinball gaming to a higher level.

Also featuring a number of external USB ports, it allows you to connect all required devices. The King-Pin EX has a built in Wi-Fi card which lets you add more and more tables with ease! This function can also permits us to assist you remotely, should you wish to modify any settings once you’ve received your machine.

Also included is an amazing wireless mouse and keyboard to help you to navigate your system with ease. Furthermore, the King-Pin EX includes an incredible BOSE™ sound system – with 2 front speakers and an internal woofer.

Unrivalled reliability and support

We guarantee that your King-Pin EX will serve you for decades to come, all thanks to the reliable PC architecture and minimal moving parts. Periodic servicing is a thing of the past with the esteemed King-Pin EX, as everything has been built to last to provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment!

To allow you to be able to relax in the knowledge that you’re in the best of hands, we give you a 12 months parts/labour warranty (with the first 3 months on site*) should something go wrong with your system despite our rigorous testing procedure.

Once you own the King-Pin EX you can be assured that you’ll always be looked after properly with our active support line for all queries and helpful assistance whenever required.

Now that you’ve decide to take the plunge you have a number of things to consider:

Customise your King-Pin EX

Custom Finish – Choose to have our standard satin black finish or upgrade to any colour of your choice. High polish gloss and a range of wood veneer finishes can also be chosen. We even offer a sample matching service, so simply ask us if you would like your own special finish.

Custom Graphics – Choose to have the King-Pin logo or a simple blank canvas on your machine. You can also go for a number of set pinball cabinet graphics, or even have your own created as bespoke for you! You can have pretty much anything that you want, so start planning!

Custom Accessories – With your King-Pin EX machine you also have the option to have the cabinet accessories (legs, side rails, back-box hinges, lock-down bar) in the usual metallic finish or go for an upgrade to a full powder coat in a colour that you choose.

Choose from some amazing upgrades

Real Plunger Upgrade – An authentic plunger proves a must have for those who are looking for more than just the touch of a button. This real (digital) plunger will improve your experience and feels simply great! (Available as an upgrade to all systems)

3D Upgrade Kit – Ever dreamt that you could play pinball in 3D for the most immersive experience possible? Thanks to eye and head tracking you can do just that with the King-Pin EX – it really must be seen to be believed! The full 3D playfield adds a further level of depth to your machine – with no glasses required. (Available as an upgrade to all systems)

Available games/tables in further detail

Pinball FX 2 was created by Zen Studios who are at the forefront of creating new and innovative tables that run flawlessly and are all virtual! Some of their featured tables include Marvel®’s most esteemed characters as well as other huge titles such as South Park® and blockbuster hits such as Star Wars®! The system accurately harnesses the capability of virtual, screen-based pinball where stars of the silver screen are animated and presented on a beautiful playing field. There is no denying that they provide the forefront of a new generation of pinball gaming, making it a must have to any pinball (or virtual pinball) collector! A gateway to a new world of pinball gaming…

The Pinball Arcade combines some of the greatest tables of all time from pinball experts such as Stern®, Williams®, Bally® and Gottlieb® in one system! Allowing you to revisit and replay all your favourite games. The incredible physics provided are more than a joy to experience, as they offer only the best tables and effects that really do ‘pop’ on screen. The graphics are nothing less than amazing, with the high quality and realistic images they present old pinball tables in their best light, giving them the justice they deserve. This collection is pitched at pinball purists who will all be in pinball nirvana with this collection!

Add your own emulators

One of the many advantages of owning a King-Pin EX is its compatibility with the Future Pinball and Visual Pinball emulators. Here you can find hundreds of tables to download onto your own pinball machine to expand your collection, which all feature state-of-the-art graphics and representations of the original games. You can even experiment with new fan-made tables or maybe a classic that you haven’t played before!

Both emulators used in the King-Pin EX both come with a huge fan following. Some say that with Visual Pinball – physics is better, though, 3D tracking on Future Pinball shows that Pinball can now be experienced in a modern way, which will never fail to impress any pinball player!

Future Pinball

Incredible 3D engine

All the classic tables recreated

BAM eye or head tracking for full 3D without the need for glasses

Easy to set up

Visual Pinball

Regarded as having better physics

All the classic tables recreated

More tables to install

Fantastic homebrew tables

Hundreds of tables to download and install on one incredible machine

      Delivery is usually within 2-3 weeks from order confirmation although this can often be sped up or extended to accommodate your plans so please don’t hesitate to ask.

      With pallet delivery, we advise you to have at least 2 able-bodied people at the delivery point to unpack and position the cabinet at your location.

      Overseas or 2-man delivery options are available for an extra charge so please get in touch for a quote if required.

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        2 Year Warranty!

      • Lifetime Remote Support


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        28 Day Returns

      • The team at Bespoke Arcade in my opinion are excellent. The service I received was professional, understanding, caring, informative and thorough making me feel that they thoroughly valued me as a client.

        The Machine itself is a quality build, very strong, reliable and very robust and the customised graphics we requested are superbly done.

        Delivery was arranged around my timeframe and I was kept informed on build progress and delivery progress something I really appreciated.

        I had a couple of user issues and when I called both Luke and Phil were very supportive dealing with my issues immediately and thoroughly.

        All in all a thoroughly pleasant experience and a great product with exceptional help and advice from Ben, Phil and Luke.

        Huge thanks to all at Bespoke Arcades.

        Ian Cridland

      • Bought an Evo Elite Arcade machine this Christmas from Phil and the team at Bespoke Arcades.

        Phil did an incredible job with my machine. From visiting their showroom to play test, he was always on hand to help me choose the right machine, additionally going the extra mile to produce the artwork I wanted.

        After receiving the machine he also made himself available through an online teams chat to guide me through any questions I had about using certain games and features.
        If you’re thinking of buying a retro arcade games machine look no further than Bespoke Arcades! You certainly won’t regret it! A top quality product with friendly support!

        Robert Baker

      • We absolutely love our Bespoke Arcade GT-2500 3-sided tabletop arcade machine. The build quality, workmanship and contemporary design make it such a focus feature and the games are incredible for all ages. It’s a hit with all our Family and such a fantastic investment.

        Customer experience from choosing, buying and delivery was 10/10 and the aftercare from Phil and team, along with their passion and honesty sees them at the top of the market when making this kind of investment. Best Xmas / Family / Birthday gift you will buy for the whole Family. Thanks Phil!


      • I'd been looking for a retro machine to take me back to my arcade days for some time, but so many of the supposed replicas available were poorly built and simply didn't function authentically. Then I found Bespoke and as soon as I spoke to them, saw the quality of their machines and that they could build whatever I wanted, I was sold. Have had the machine 3 years now, it runs perfectly and I've even made my 14 year old daughter a retro game fan! Today, they've just updated my machine remotely to give me even more functionality!

        Guy Warner

      • I recently received my Evo arcade and it’s absolutely amazing. There were a few minor issues during ordering but these were swiftly dealt. What I have been most impressed with is the level of customer support which has been outstanding. If you are looking to get a multi game arcade machine then this is the company to deal with as you won’t be disappointed.

        Mr Austwick

      • I purchased a Synergy Play machine for the kids, mainly to understand what games I used to play on when I was younger.

        I’ve had the machine for over two years now with no issues!

        It’s a great focal point when we have the family round or a party.
        The build quality is great, the functionality is great and the customer support is beyond good.
        You really can buy with 100% confidence that what you’re getting will be amazing and if you do need support it will be there!

        PS. Great for parties :-)

        Andrew George

      • I love my machine.
        I wanted a light gun machine with the normal retro games too (just to have) but for me playing games like Time Crisis was the biggest want.

        Its complex and ive run into issues twice but Phil has both times solved it for me. The after care service is very good.

        Highly Recommend this company.
        I live in Ireland (Dublin) and transportation was not expensive.


      • They're a really friendly group of guys at Bespoke Arcades who will talk you through all their various options and let you playtest to your heart's content. When you see the machines you can immediately tell they're beautifully made, much better than any of the competition. Great post-sales support as well. This is obviously a business run by competent and caring people.


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      • I bought a machine 5 years ago and Phil helped me to upgrade to windows 10 with a new hard drive swap . Superb service considering the age of the machine

        jamie cunningham

      • Could not be happier with my new arcade machine!! Right from initial conversations on which model to choose, through the ordering process, including having a bespoke Cabinet design, the team went over and above to make the whole process seamless, and the end product is of such high quality and greatly exceeded expectations!! I did a lot of research before choosing bespoke arcades and they are the best in the country, if you’re thinking about buying an arcade machine then bespoke arcades is your only choice. Thanks Phil & team for everything you’ve done

        Mr Chris Ramsden

      • Bespoke Arcades are the best in the business. Had multiple upgrades over the years and customer service is without doubt their top priority. Mainly dealt with Phil and Jack but also met the whole team including founder Ben. All attended to my every need - no task too big or small. Highlight was retrofit of an LCD marquee in my Apex machine which they had never done before. Some teething issues but these were addressed with the greatest care and professionalism. Happy to have been able to donate some of my own marquee designs for use in other Apex cabs. Couldn’t be happier with the end product - my dream arcade! Thanks guys!!


      • I bought GTX stand-up arcade cabinet from Phil and Jack at a recent exhibition. After much consideration I went with Bespoke Arcades due to the passion of the guys who spent a considerable amount of time discussing all the functions and capabilities of their range of systems. I think 6000 games should keep me busy for a while! The range is amazing and even had my favourite game 'crazy climber' from my youth. The system evens allows remote access and they were able to talk me through the joy stick configuration.
        If you are looking for a system, these are the guys to buy from.

        ANDY H

      • Ordered a GT120 which took approximately 6 weeks to arrive as custom built. The machine exceeded our expectations as has 120 classic arcade games and the retro look which is what we were after. The games are all original. Highly recommend. The unit is customised with my favourite football team.

        Alison Queen

      • Phil and his team work tirelessly on my Terminator themed brief, creating a one of a kind machine for me which is truly outstanding! The after sales service has been 2nd to none. Nothing its ever too much trouble for them, and when I have had some technical issues they have always been prompt in logging into my machine to put things right. I cannot recommend Bespoke Arcades highly enough!!! I wouldn't hesitate to use them again and would be very happy to chat to anyone thinking of using them.

        Lee Rebbeck

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      • Had another positive experience with Bespoke Arcades. After sales service was exceptional. Staff (Phil) was very helpful by email and during call out. Turned up on time, was efficient, polite, and went the extra yard above and beyond sorting out original issue. Communication was great and I was very satisfied with every aspect of the service.

        Stephen Rosser

      • I had Phil and the team made the bespoke machine for me 4 years ago, with some ideas which weren’t standard but they spent time and made all of them happened !!! Recently I moved my house and the control panel of the machine stopped working. The support you still can get them, even after 4 years of purchase, is amazing!!! This is the service I am expecting with bespoke purchases and the customer never feels left alone when there is issue. This is someone you can trust.

        Aurora Li

      • 100 percent recommended. Ultra professional company providing brilliant products and service. Built a custom machine for me with 1000s of games and shipped it to Switzerland for a very fair price. Connected remotely and kindly set up some laserdisc games for me for free at my request after purchase. After sales support is exceptional and the quality of the machine is top notch. When my son brings his friends over it’s great to see them being amazed playing some of the games I grew up with as a kid. You can also plug in a controller and play AAA pc games using things like shadow or GeForce Now. Great purchase.


      • Spec out your Arcade Machine

        Step 1.

        We can spec out your perfect arcade machine

        Using the best components in the industry. Perhaps you want the most high-tech machine including Dynamic Marquees and addressable arcade buttons or you simply want a cost effective, reliable arcade machine- we've got you covered and will give you honest unbiased advice.

      • Handbuilt in the UK with 18 years experience

        Step 2.

        Hand-built in the UK with 18 years experience

        All our machines are cut, built, kitted out in North London and sold via the finest retail outlets such as Harrods, Selfridges and all the premier online stores in the UK and globally and all come with CE certification. With almost 2 decades of know how- lifetime (non transferable) remote support is on hand for your peace of mind.

      • Quality assurance

        Step 3.

        Quality assurance

        Throughout every stage of the production process we make sure each component is meticulously checked. Prior to shipping we test each machine for hours while ensuring the cabinet is shipped blemish free to prevent disappointment. Every cabinet is then wrapped so it has a comfortable journey to your home.

      • Pallet or 2 Man Delivery

        Step 4.

        Pallet or 2 Man Delivery

        You can either opt for a kerbside delivery via pallet at a day of your choosing which also comes with an accurate time slot or a one or two man delivery so you have a hassle free introduction to the world of classic arcade gaming. Whatever you choose we will make sure you're happy with the service provided.