arcade machines
are available in 3 different editions…
Play, Media or Elite

All our arcade machine editions come with access to over 10000 classic retro games with the option to easily add many 1000’s more at your leisure.

  • As our most budget-conscious edition, the Play series arcade machines are for those who just want to play the classic retro games. Plays are the perfect solution for on location users (ie offices, receptions, etc) or those retro gamers who don’t require any multimedia functionality. BA Play versions are essentially game-only machines with 2 USB ports located on the machine for any settings changes and to allow you to add any extra games/emulators. Plays have a top gaming menu designed for you to just play games and allow you the ability to run 10000+ games from yesteryear. These include pretty much all of the classic arcade games machine titles as well as most games from older consoles such as the NES, SNES, Master System and Megadrive.

    photo 100x100 by Bespoke Arcades
  • Our Media series are a significant step-up in terms of power and functionality. BA Media’s are designed as arcade gaming centers with infinite expansion possibilities. Medias have an i3 dual core PC with 2TB hard drive and a more powerful graphics card making it effortless to add more games. The Media’s also include built-in Wi-Fi, a DVD-RW, 4 external USB ports, a wireless mouse/keyboard and full Windows OS so you can also use your machine as a download station, jukebox or karaoke. Media systems can be made to run great gaming menus like Hyperspin and have the ability to play 25000+ games including all the games that come with the PLAY as well as games from older consoles such as the Mega CD, 32X and Saturn as well as the Jaguar and N64.

    lukaku nugen gif by Bespoke Arcades
  • Our Elite editions are quite simply – the best! Elites are amazing as they are elite arcade games centers with a super-powered i7 quad core, 8GB RAM with a total of 4TB’s of space (1TB for windows + 3TB for games!) and a top GTX graphics card as well as BOSE speakers, HDMI out, Blu-Ray drive and a handheld mouse/keyboard. All Elites can be made to play 50000+ games including all arcade and console games as on the Play/Media as well as games requiring more power such as new PC games and games from modern consoles such as Gamecube, Dreamcast, PS1, Wii as well as Taito type X arcade games, SEGA model 2/3 games and much more. Most of these games run in amazingly hi-res thanks to the graphics card – it really must be seen to be believed!

    cyborg rat 7 gaming mouse vjnao 300x266 by Bespoke Arcades

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