Gadget Show Live Expo 2014.

After a hard week of demonstrating a our range of arcade machines- we’re back at work in our new HQ in Potters Bar. Once again we loaded our arcade machines into a lorry and we made our way over to Birmingham for this years Gadget Show Live Expo. It’s always a great day out as show-goers can get their hands on the latest technology, have a quick play and continue browsing through the various stands on show.

And our arcade cabinets are no exception. We all had an awesome time with visitors wowing them with our versatile hardware. We had record crowds flock to our stand to play some classic games and see our range of models.

Our new Xbox One compatible option created queues with Killer Instinct running all day, every day on our Nu-Gen demo machine. This is a brand new option that we have begun rolling out for our Evo and Nu-Gen arcade machines. When you want to play an Xbox One game on your arcade machine- simply plug in the HDMI lead and 2 usb leads from the front of the arcade cabinet to the console and your arcade cabinet has full control. Simple as that!

We added a touch of extra bling with some RGB buttons going through the motions running 10 hours a day for 5 days straight. Not one LED failed or got dislodged- a testament to today’s modern arcade technology.

Like the RGB buttons, our machines ran faultlessly throughout the 5 day event, sustaining hundreds of presses per minute from the feverish public, all pepped up on tech looking to relive the glory days of the arcade.

Our machines are like no other on the market, and it’s a pleasure to demonstrate the gaming versatility of our arcade cabinets. A select range of Media and Elite arcade machines demonstrated the next generation of compatibility, all new games running in hi definition thanks to the current generation of processors and graphics cards.

There’s so much more to play than simply arcade classics, virtually all seminal games from our youth and beyond can be relived thanks to our versatile powerhouses.

And after 5 days of non stop demonstrating, we’ve all taken a much needed day off…

Happy Gaming

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