PS3 / XBOX360 Compatible Arcade Machines

Another World–first from Bespoke Arcades!!

Here at Bespoke Arcades, we are extremely proud of our reputation for being at the forefront of arcade machine technology. We invest a lot of time and money into research and development in order to keep bringing you innovative and unique products.

With this in mind, we thought that we’d tell you about a very special custom upgrade which we offer for our top-of-the-range Evo arcade cabinets. When you purchase an Evo from Bespoke Arcades, we offer you the option of Sony Playstation 3 or Microsoft Xbox 360 compatibility.

Can i have this upgrade on a Synergy or Apex?
PS3 - Sony playstation 3 games console and logo
The short answer is no.


Here at Bespoke Arcades, we want every upgrade or option which we offer to be worthwhile. We believe an Xbox360 or PS3 game should be played on a larger format screen than is available for the other arcade machines we make. If you desperately wanted this upgrade for the Synergy or Apex we always aim to please, but we would advise against it.

Why include this feature in your custom build?
microsoft xbox 360 games console and logo
The answer to this is quite simple; if there’s a title in the arcades which rocks your world, then the chances are that it will be available on the PS3 or Xbox 360 in due course. When drawing up plans for the Evo, absolute console functionality was always a core feature. This feature is included as-standard with the Evo Media and Elite versions, or at a small cost for the Evo Play.

Our Evo is tailor-made to play arcade titles; we have even added 2 extra buttons per player to accommodate all the shoulder buttons if necessary. If you want to play the latest in the Virtua Tennis, Tekken, Street Fighter or Blazblue series then our Evo is for you.

Can the buttons be reconfigured to suit my own tastes?

The short answer is yes.


You can either change the individual settings in each game or you can use the PC based interface to drag and drop or program any button configuration you need! Even the Home button is at your disposal. These settings are automatically hard programmed onto the ROM chip so they even stay programmed after the cab is unplugged.

So how easy is it to switch into PS3 or 360 mode?

Switching between modes could not be more of a breeze! Simply plug your next-gen console into the side of the Evo through the ports provided, turn it on and it automatically flips into console mode. Once plugged in, all the functionality of the console is instantly at your fingertips; you can now load saved games, view your photos on the HD screen and listen to music from your library, all through your arcade cabinet!

microsoft xbox live or playstation networkCan I play Halo or FIFA on my Evo?

You can but those games are meant to be played via an analogue joypad and they won’t work as well on our joystick setup. Feel free to use your existing pad as there’s an over-1080p HD display at your disposal.
Your PS3 or Xbox 360 never looked more pin-sharp than on one of our rigs. The next-gen console compatibility is there so the latest arcade titles can be enjoyed exactly how they were meant to be at home, in comfort.

Can I still access Xbox Live and the PSN?

Absolutely, you can watch movies and stream media exactly how you used to on your console. We also offer secondary screen outputs as an option should one of our clients want to mirror the screen on his (or her) own HD TV.

Although it is possible to order an Evo which is compatible with both consoles, this is a very special custom option which requires significant modifications. Generally we find that most people want one or the other as the games are the same for both. Now your most difficult decision is whether to opt for a PS3 or an XBOX360 compatible arcade machine. This is completely up to you, depending upon which console you prefer, one decision which we can’t help you with!

Here at Bespoke Arcades, we are incredibly proud to be the only manufacturer of home arcade machines in the world to offer this function to customers. Watch this space for more world-leading innovations, and as always……


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