Are You 2, 4 or 8 Way?

Here at Bespoke Arcades we don’t like to get personal but we feel we always have to ask the question above when buying an arcade machine from us :).

But once again we have another world first, our optional interface upgrade which allows you to choose your joystick orientation on the fly. Via a simple press of a pretty RGB pushbutton, you can effortlessly switch your joystick of choice to 4-way (for games like Pac-Man), 8-way (for games like Streetfighter II), 2-way horizontal tiles and 2-way vertical titles. Misdirections will be a thing of the past with this baby at the helm! This option will be available from July onwards.

The joystick won’t feel any different depending on which mode they are set- you can tell which axes are enabled via the colour of the button. However all the unnecessary directions will be locked out of the interface. Therefore you can be sure Blinky caught up with you because of your own ineptitude and not the joystick!. This is the perfect choice for fans of Sanwa or Happ Competion/Super Joysticks, as your choice of stick isn’t compromised whilst still enabling your choice of directions.

Since 2005, Bespoke Arcades have constantly striven to keep our arcade machines at the forefront of today’s home arcade technology. The range of control options we offer our clients are unsurpassed. From fadable red, green and blue illuminated buttons and flush-mounted genuine arcade trackballs- which are at the forefront of today’s LED technology, to plug-and-play arcade light guns which can conveniently be plugged in as and when. Our spinners (for those analogue Arkanoid fans), even come with a choice of flyweights to ensure you get that perfect friction-free spin every time.

And don’t forget, on the other end of the gaming spectrum, we also offer Playstation 3, Xbox 360 compatibility on our Evo arcade machines, we can even provide cross-console compatibility on the same cabinet! If you are a fan of today’s current arcade games- then there is no better time to buy one of our Evo units. The Streetfighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat and King of Fighters series are all back in full swing providing an unmatched back catalogue of titles which will be heralded as genuine classics in years to come.

So if you would like to book in a consultation session for your control needs- then give our clinic a ring, and we will make sure you point in the right direction every move you make ;).


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