Bespoke Arcades Versus Vice

This weeks blog into the world of the home arcade has gone a lot more glamorous (for once). A whole team of beautiful people from Vice Magazine descended upon our workshop for a photo shoot featuring the world’s most delectable arcades (namely one of our Evo arcade machines).

After an hour’s worth of game playing- the crew buckled down and got some great shots. My camera phone didn’t really do justice (despite the Galaxy s2’s excellent light metering and emulation) ;).

It was a pleasure to lend our showroom to such a friendly and professional crew and we cant wait to see the fruits of their labour. Operation Wolf got clocked a couple of times, Lethal injuries were sustained by all thanks to the 2 player simultaneous light guns.

When we set up the showroom- we wanted to create a simple place where people peruse our range of machines and have a look at some old consoles of yesteryear. A fresh set of batteries are always on hand should you want to feel queasy playing our Virtual Boy or a quick bout of surfing on our resident Atari Lynx.

If you’re interested in taking one of our arcades out for a spin- just let us know- we would be happy to open our doors.

Happy Gaming!

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