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Let Us Help You Create Your Own Games Room

Since the beginning of the credit crunch many people have delayed plans to a new residence, people are looking of interesting and brilliant ways to redo their homes. A popular way to do this is by utilising excess space within the house or a storage room and converting it into a dedicated gamesroom, and Bespoke Arcades pride themselves in helping furnish that room. They are the leading provider of bespoke arcade machines. In the past games rooms were reserved for the footballers and rockstars, but they are now possible for everyone and serves as a in-house leisure room for all your entertainment needs.

You can include table football, dartboards and snooker tables in your games room; but it is incomplete without a high quality classic arcade cabinet. These amazing custom built machines come packed with features; including high quality arcade controls, high definition screens and with all the retro arcade favourites including Pac Man, Street Fighter II and Space Invaders. Those are just three of over 350 classic titles included in the cabinets.

These brilliant machines come in a variety of colours and multiple finishes ranging from wood veneer to metallic gold. There are also upright and cocktail sitdown arcade machines. The latest Evo arcade machines can play the next generation consoles through the screen and arcade controls, so now clients can play their favourite PS3 and X-Box 360 games on their very own cabinet.

With the falling property prices all across the UK, more and more people are trying to add more value to their homes and creating a games room is one such way. This enables homeowners to add extra selling points to their residence when they move in the future. The premier provider of arcade machines, Bespoke Arcades, can help you create that games room you always wanted.

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