Hyper Japan is round the corner and we are there!

Hyper Japan Exhibition - Christmas 2012

It’s been a busy month here a Bespoke Arcades, as we are preparing for the upcoming expos over the last two weekends of the month. And the next exhibition we are going to be at is Hyper Japan. We have been invited to spice up the exhibition with some of our high quality arcade cabinets. We will be showcasing our whole product range; so expect to see the Apex, Synergy and Evo arcade machines in all their glory.

This is the first time for us at Hyper Japan, and we are there for you! You can find us in the gaming area of the exhibition. We are there every day of the show from the 23rd to the 25th and if you want an event to remind you then just click attending on our Facebook Event for the show. We will also be tweeting and posting photos throughout the event so you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

Hyper Japan is all about Japanese culture and here at Bespoke Arcades we will be showcasing some of the finest Japanese arcade games, including Street Fighter, Pacman and Space Invaders. Our machines come in the both the stand-up flavour as well as the the sit-down in case you need a break from all the walking around! All the machines on show are multi-game, so you can play all the available games to your hearts content. There will be a representative always at hand in case you have any questions or queries too!

We are pretty excited for the Hyper Japan exhibition weekend, and we hope you are too! So if you wanted to have a play with our machines, come on over to Hyper Japan but if you can’t then don’t worry our machines are always on show at our showroom in North London so contact us and we can organise a time for you to come on over and see if we can sort you out with the ultimate arcade gaming experience from the finest arcade machines manufacturer Bespoke Arcades.

Happy Gaming!!

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