Introducing: 2 Player Lightgun Compatibility

Here at Bespoke Arcades, we’re used to bringing you world-firsts so this latest innovation should come as no surprise…

As of today it is possible to order lightguns for both the Apex arcade machine and the Evo arcade machine (Media and Elite versions only). Based on the classic original G-con gun by Namco, you can’t get a more pinpoint accurate set of irons than these – ultra sensitive and infinitely tunable. They look amazing and really draw you into the action. They feel great to hold and use and are equally suited to both right and left handed players.

Installing and using these badboys couldn’t be easier as they are ready to plug ‘n’ play! Simply plug and unplug from the front USB ports when required. There’s no need to have any unsightly wiring when the guns aren’t in use, so you can pop a few caps in House of the Dead, then hang ’em up until your next shootout!

For this, and other great options available, simply follow this link: arcade cabinet options.

So if you fancy yourself as Mad Dog McRee or think you have the mettle to clock Operation Wolf on 1 credit; then a pair of these will be the perfect addition to your Evo or Apex arcade cabinet! Now you can team up with a friend and both shoot to your heart’s content!! Next week, we’re going to give you a breakdown of the best lightgun games available to play on our arcade machines, but until then….


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