Jaguar Skills Custom Arcade Cabinet

jaguar skills arcade cabinet
From time to time we create an arcade machine of such awesomeness that we have to share it with the public at large. We were commissioned before Christmas to produce an Evo arcade machine for the world renowned DJ Jaguar Skills – we spent a long time discussing his artwork which would cover each side and as you can see for yourself, as always with our machines, it came out amazingly well!

Our printer Scott did a fine job of reproducing his artwork on a giant vinyl transfer. All his artwork was digitally cut out and painstakingly mounted onto one of our black Evo arcade machines. Rest assured Mr Skills, this artwork is sun and liquid resistant so will last forever in all its glory!

If you have a particular vision for your own arcade unit, then drop us a line. We have a team of art-workers on-hand to advise and adapt any design. We would be delighted to make your dream arcade machine a reality…

I nearly forgot to mention- this custom Evo is also 100 percent compatible with both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The Evo features effortless switching between the 2 consoles making both retro and modern gaming a complete pleasure.

In case you didn’t know, Jaguar Skills is a British DJ well known for his mixing style and has a top radio show on Radio 1 and 1-Xtra. He can normally be seen stealthily somersaulting from rooftop to rooftop in his ninja outfit on the way to gigs (much like Tenchu but with a record bag)!

I’m off to play Shadow Dancer now, so as ever…

Happy Gaming!!

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