Japan Tsunami Relief - Ltd Edition "Art-cade" Machine

When the earthquake and tsunami occurred in Japan, we knew we had to do something to help.

A few years ago, Bespoke Arcades discussed some kind of collaborative project with the renowned graphic artist Shok-1 – described by Banksy as: “A spraycan technician of distinction”. Due to time constraints on both sides, the project was shelved. After the disaster, we sent him a text saying how we wanted to make a very special one-off custom arcade machine which we could sell to raise money for the disaster fund. He instantly agreed to help.

What you see is the fruits of our labour. Between to-ing and fro-ing on various projects, we’ve finally finished this one-off Art-cade machine. We’ve had it lacquered (or bullet-proofed as we like to call it). This means that the artwork will be preserved for ever behind a shield of expertly-applied, incredibly durable plastic. Shok-1 has also customised a light-gun which we’re throwing in for good measure (see pic below). The artist describes the piece as: “a unique organic abstraction with SHOK-1’s trademark intricately detailed spraypaint technique and powerful use of light and shadow”.

Based on our top of the range Evo Media; behind the fabulous exterior lies our usual media powerhouse. Basically, this behemoth is packed with everything you need and doubles up as your home media centre.

Features include:

Over 350 classic arcade games pre-installed

Huge 28” over HD TFT screen

Superb 2 player, 10 button arcade gaming

Light gun compatible for all the 1st person shooters

Excellent 2.1 R/C woofer sound system

Dual core Intel PC system + large HDD

Emulator-compatible for 1000’s of games,

Full PS3 compatibility – just “plug ‘n’ play”

Fully integrated, flush mounted trackball

Front-mounted USB 2.0 ports (x4) and DVD re-writer

Wi-Fi access via internal wireless card

Microsoft wireless keyboard / mouse

Microsoft Windows 7 home edition

Japan has a special place in Bespoke Arcades’ heart, which is why ALL proceeds from this sale with go towards the relief effort. We are not going to receive a penny of the money raised. This is the best way that Bespoke Arcades could think of to raise as much money as possible for the British Red Cross Tsunami Relief Fund. It is our intention to donate all the proceeds of the sale to this appeal.

We realise some people may be saying this is a bit late – well it’s taken a while to get it perfect! Although the media glare may have dimmed as newer world events occur; Japan is still being rocked by powerful earthquakes on a daily basis, with thousands still living in makeshift temporary accommodation.

Although this project has been in the pipeline for a while now, we decided to hold it back to help the Red Cross highlight the end of the appeal on 30th September. This is your last chance to help.

So please pass the link on to all your friends and family and let’s try to raise as much money as possible for the nation which has brought so much joy to gamers everywhere. Videogaming without Japan is like England without rain – inconceivable! This is your chance to own a completely unique piece of interactive modern art in a totally new form – a genuine collector’s item. Here’s a link to the ebay auction which closes on Sunday 25th September to coincide with the end of the Eurogamer Expo.

We will be displaying the Art-cade machine at this year’s Eurogamer Expo at the world famous Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London between 22nd and 25th September. Come on down for a chance to see it in the flesh (and even give it a shot) before it disappears off into a private collection, never to be seen again.

Bidding starts at £5k – there has to be a mogul or collector somewhere who wants to help a worthy cause and also own a genuine one-off piece of modern art. So tell everyone – bosses, famous friends; anyone who you think might be interested in buying or helping to publicise the sale. We’re counting on your help to get the word out, so get tweeting, retweeting, posting, liking, commenting and sharing. Tell everyone!

Before we go, a few thank yous…
It was a team effort to get this beauty ready and everyone worked above and beyond the call of duty. A huge thank you goes out to Shok-1 for taking the time to come down to our workshop and perform his magic for free; we think that the arcade cabinet looks incredible. We would also like to thank Mark H and Gary H for the incredible build and finish.

The auction is open now, thank you in advance for any help and as always……

As always if your interested in one of our high-end custom arcade machines, you'll find them here.


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