Star Trek 50!

Here at Bespoke Arcades we love Star Trek! Today marks the 50th anniversary of when the show first aired back in 1966. To celebrate, we’ll be talking about one of our favourite Star Trek games… Star Trek: The Next Generation (pinball).

Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball game was released in 1993 as part of the ‘Superpin Series’, (whose other titles included Twilight Zone and Indiana Jones) and was based on the television series. The machine stands as the only pinball unit to have three separate high-score lists.

Within the gameplay, voice clips from the actors who appeared in the TV show can be heard. Examples of this star-cast include: Patrick Stewart (as Captain Picard), Brent Spinner (as Data), Michael Dorn (as Worf) and John De Lancie (as Q).

Within the game, when the ball has been launched into the plunger, one of five awards can be achieved. These comprise of ‘Start Mission’, ‘Flipper Skillshot’, ‘Launch Price’, ‘Light Lock’ and ‘Warp Factor’. All containing rewards for the player if they are to follow certain gameplay. For example, in ‘Flipper Skillshot’ the player should aim to get the ball into the Beta Quadrant for a prize of a random award.

As well as these early chances of scoring and achieving awards, the gameplay also contains different game modes, compiling of: Explosive Millions, Bonus Multipliers, Holodeck and Kickback and Shuttle ramp. These giving the player the ability to score a high amount of points in a fast period of time.

The game also has certain missions for the player to part-take in. In total there are seven missions, and they should all be completed to get to the Final Frontier mode in the game. These missions include: Time rift, Worm Hole, Search the Galaxy, Battle Simulation, Q’s Challenge, Rescue and Asteroid Threat. These levels include the recordings from the cast and allow you to collect Artefacts.

The Artefacts are collected throughout the missions in the game and add bonuses to the Final Frontier section of the game. In order here are the Artefacts that you can collect: Dilithium Crystals, Isolinear Chip, Duranium Sphere and the Singing Stone. Each Artefact is worth a huge 50 million points and the order restarts when you have collected the last in the list, meaning that you can collect multiple collections of the Artefacts.

This game can be played on our brand-new, top-of-the-range virtual pinball machine – The Kingpin. The machine boasts many classic pinball titles which include Terminator 2 and the Addams Family. Keep your eye out for more details about our new product on our online store or our social media. Or come at visit us at Legends of Gaming live this weekend to have a go on the machine! We are currently running a competition to win Sunday tickets to the show, as well as a discount code (LOGL15) for an amazing 15% off ticket prices! Please get in touch for more details.

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