Collection: King-Pin Virtual Pinball Machines

Ever dreamt of a room dedicated to all your favourite pinball tables?

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The King-Pin is set up to allow you to play a whole host of pinball tables. To start you off, you are free to play the full range of Pinball Arcade tables. We provide all clients with a dedicated Steam account and gift card funds tied into their King-Pin, which allows for these as well as any future releases to be bought.

These include many classics such as Twilight Zone™, Monster Bash™, Medieval Madness™, The Addams Family® and Attack from Mars™ to name but a few.

With our King-Pin you also have the world of pinball emulation at your fingertips. Both Visual Pinball and Future Pinball can be made to run on your King-Pin, allowing for a whole world of both original and new tables to be played at the touch of a button. With these programs you can even create your own tables, so the fun will never stop!

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