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King-Pin Virtual Pinball Machine

King-Pin Virtual Pinball Machine

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Ever dreamt of owning a collection of pinball machines but space and/or finance were an issue? Have you always wanted to have a quick go on your favourite tables whenever it took your fancy? With a King-Pin virtual pinball cabinet - you can do just that. Simply turn on your machine, choose your game via the flippers and immerse yourself in a world of pinball heaven!

King-Pin features:

  • Beautifully handcrafted King-Pin chassis
  • Authentic pinball cabinet parts
  • Stunning 43” playfield screen
  • Fully animated 28" back glass screen
  • Full colour 14.9” DMD score screen
  • Optimised for use with many pinball platforms
  • Authentic-feel flipper effects
  • Force feedback with 2 vibration points
  • STEAM gift card for compatible tables
  • Intel Core i3 PC with 2TB hard disk
  • Wi-Fi enabled with 2 external USB ports
  • Genuine pinball coin door (for authenticity)
  • Logitech K400 keyboard/mouse
  • Pre-installed menu system for easy table management
  • Full 2.1 speaker system
  • Made in the UK by our team of specialists
  • Full 1 year’s parts/labour warranty (first 3 months on site*)
  • UK pallet delivery included (leg installation required)
  • Many upgrades and options available

A truly regal pinball experience

The King-Pin has a beautiful chassis based around a traditional wide-body cabinet and is a sure-fire show-stopper in any location. Every King-Pin is hand built by true craftsmen and made to the highest standard in the UK. No expense is spared in delivering a truly unforgettable experience for you to enjoy and friends to envy!

The King-Pin uses only genuine pinball parts (including a genuine pinball coin door) to give a properly authentic look and feel. Using modern PC technology it provides a fantastic way to experience all the classic tables and much more all on one fantastic virtual pinball machine.

Technology surpasses reality

The King-Pin’s 43-inch playfield screen is simply stunning. Specially selected for its low response time and vivid display options, you get so lost in the play that you often forget there’s not an actual ball rolling around the display!

A fully animated 28” back-glass provides the ultimate visual feast, each element from the original games are replicated - the simulated glow of the bulbs and every game event is there.

A full colour DMD score screen rocks just as you remember. Have all the traditional score fields and on-screen mini games to add to the immersion of each and every table.

You even get that familiar feeling from the flipper recoil which is flawlessly replicated with our King-Pin setup. The “clack-clack" on both flippers is right there, further immersing you into the gameplay.

Can you play…?

The King-Pin is a blank canvas to enable you to add all your favourite tables both old and new. Compatible with the Pinball FX 2 and The Pinball Arcade range of games - you have a wealth of fantastic tables to play.

With the King-Pin you are provided with your own dedicated Steam account with all of the Pinball FX 2 tables available to start you off in earnest.

Pinball FX 2 caters for the true digital pinball fan, with fantastic cut scenes and household names being used to deliver some excellently crafted games.

The Pinball Arcade features all the famous tables from yesteryear such as Twilight Zone™, Medieval Madness™, The Addams Family® and over 50 more classics that you will love to revisit.

You can also go one step further and add the Visual Pinball or Future Pinball emulators. Adding literally hundreds of tables to your machine, these emulators will allow you to build a true library of bygone games all available at the touch of a button.

A roaring PC engine

The King-Pin features a great i3 dual core PC with 2TB of hard drive space for all your tables. It also has a number of external USB ports that allow you to plug in any required devices.

The King-Pin has a built in Wi-Fi card allowing you to add more tables directly with ease and also allowing us to assist you remotely should you wish to modify any settings one you have your machine.

Included is a great wireless mouse/keyboard to help you to navigate your system with ease. The King-Pin also has stunning sound with 2 front speakers and an internal woofer.

Unrivalled reliability and support

Thanks to reliable PC architecture and minimal moving parts, your King-Pin will serve you for decades to come. Periodic servicing is designed to be a thing of the past with the King-Pin, everything is built to last for a lifetime of enjoyment.

This having been said, to allow you to relax safe in the knowledge that you are in the best of hands, we also provide a full 12 months parts/labour warranty (with the first 3 months on site*) in the unlikely event that something should go wrong.

Once you have a King-Pin you can rest assured that you will be very well taken care of with our support line for all queries and helpful assistance available whenever required.

Now that you’ve decide to take the plunge you have a number of things to consider:

Customise your King-Pin

Custom Finish – Choose to have your hand finish in soft satin black or upgrade to any colour of your choice. High gloss and a wide range of wood veneer finishes are also available and we even provide a match-to-sample service so please don’t hesitate to ask should you want a specialist finish.

Custom Graphics – Choose to have King-Pin logos or just a simple blank canvas as you would prefer. You also have the option to choose from a number of set full pinball cabinet graphics or have one created just for you. The world is your oyster so dream away!

Custom Accessories – With the King-Pin machine you also have the option to have your pinball accessories (legs, side rails, back-box hinges, lock-down bar) in the standard metallic finish or upgrade to full powder coating in the colour of your choice.

Choose from some amazing upgrades

RGB Lightshow Kit - This amazing cabinet lightshow is powered by 5 RGB lamps with an LED controller to create an amazing array of light effects that add to your experience. With this option you also have full RGB control and flipper buttons that is a very cool extra!

Full Vibration Kit – The full vibration kit really has to be seen, felt and heard to be believed! The 10 points of vibration, kicker and shaker motor situated at the optimum points within the chassis give truly amazing effects. This is the true authenticity upgrade and will certainly surpass all your expectations.

Nudge/Tilt Functions – A pre-installed nudge/tilt controller within your cabinet will allow the virtual pinball to be moved with a nudge. You can really see the ball moving when you knock or tilt your machine so this is a must for all you authenticity seekers.

PC Power Upgrade – Whilst the standard system will allow you to play most tables, if you want to enhance your experience then consider the PC power upgrade. The increased PC power will allow for even better and more advanced pinball action as well as a whole load of extra settings options to refine your tables as you prefer.

Sound System Upgrade – Go for an upgrade to the good 2.1 speakers with an amazing high quality BOSE system giving you the best sound for your system.

Real Plunger Upgrade – If the touch of a button isn’t enough for you then the digital plunger option is a must have. The real digital plunger enhances your all round experience and feels great (available as an upgrade to all systems)

3D Upgrade Kit – Open the doors to a 3D virtual pinball experience. Eye/head tracking allow for full 3D playfield depth that must also be tried to be believed. Fully immerse yourself further with no glasses required (available as an upgrade to all systems).

Available games/tables in more detail

Pinball FX 2 has been created by Zen Studios who are leading the way in creating new tables that are designed to run virtually. Their tables feature Marvel®’s most famous characters as well familiar themes known to all such as South Park® and Star Wars®. Truly harnessing the premise of screen-based pinball, reality can be put on hold with these. Stars of the silver screen are animated on the play field giving the player a rollercoaster ride of a game. These tables are an awesome addition to every virtual pinball collection. Welcome to the next generation of pinball gaming...

With The Pinball Arcade, the greatest tables of all time from the pinball giants such as Stern®, Williams®, Bally® and Gottlieb® are all available for revisiting, allowing you to replay all your favourites. The impeccable physics are a joy to experience in these lovingly polished tables, and the effects really “pop” on the screen. The near photo realistic graphics do the classic tables justice. This collection is pitching at pinball purists and they will be in pinball nirvana!

Add your own emulators

A terrific bonus of the King-Pin machine is that it’s also compatible with the Future Pinball and Visual Pinball emulators. There are 100s of tables to download featuring truly accurate recreations of tables old and new as well as some truly stellar fan-made tables.

Both emulators have their benefits with serious fan bases in each camp. Some say the physics is better with Visual Pinball, however the 3D eye tracking on Future Pinball has to be seen to be believed – when used it certainly never fails to impress!

Future Pinball

Incredible 3D engine

All the classic tables recreated

BAM eye or head tracking for full 3D without the need for glasses

Easy to set up

Visual Pinball

Regarded as having better physics

All the classic tables recreated

More tables to install

Fantastic homebrew tables

Hundreds of tables to download and install on one incredible machine

    Delivery is usually within 2-3 weeks from order confirmation although this can often be sped up or extended to accommodate your plans so please don’t hesitate to ask.

    With pallet delivery, we advise you to have at least 2 able-bodied people at the delivery point to unpack and position the cabinet at your location.

    Overseas or 2-man delivery options are available for an extra charge so please get in touch for a quote if required.

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