Street Fighter World no1 Plays Our Arcade Machine

A few weeks ago we told you about an encounter we had with Ryan Hart – the Street Fighter world record holder – at the 2011 Gadget Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham. Well… we’ve just found the footage of it so we thought we’d upload it!

Ryan Hart Street Fighter World ChampionIn the video, you can see our MD (Phil Patsias) battling admirably to save some credibility against a vastly superior opponent. Playing Streetfighter IV on one of our incredible Evo Elite arcade machines, Phil (on the right) gets off to an amazing start, landing the first blows and forcing world champion Ryan to concentrate!

The first round was actually quite close, but those who were there know that Ryan was merely toying with Phil. In the second round, Ryan absolutely destroyed him in the shortest amount of time, taking the match 2-0. No surprise there, although Phil was left (slightly) disappointed to have not done better considering that he helped design and build the arcade cabinet in the first place and admits to having played the Street Fighter video games for “countless hours over the last 20 years”.

Here’s the video of the battle: Bespoke Arcades vs World Street Fighter Champion Ryan Hart

Ryan was truly impressed with the quality and feel of our arcade machines, and we have invited him down to our workshop in London for a more extensive button-bashing session in the near future.. We’re all looking forward to that and are practicing like mad for our one shot at the heavyweight championship of the world (of Street Fighter)!

Watch this space for that footage when it happens, and until then…….


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