The Retrobox is finally here!!!

Once again we listen to what our customers want and we have launched our Retroboxes to all new and current customers. In a nutshell- the current revision allows you to plugin any 80’s and some ’90’s console controllers and play the games of yesteryear with your original joypad of choice. The consoles so far are 2600, NES, Master System, Megadrive, SNES, Commodore Amiga and N64 and are compatible with all Apex, Synergy and Evo arcade machines. Time to delve into the attic, search around and dust off those joypads.

We are the only home arcade manufacturer who make this optional add on- we kept it as a plug-n-play setup in order to not detract from the aesthetics of our fine machines. Therefore this allows our customers to experience the pleasure of using their chosen controller without wrestling with a mess of wires permanently.

We also offer Retroboxes of any combination (for example 2 Megadrive and 2 SNES, or simply 1 2600 port if that’s your thing). You let us know what rocks your world, and we’ll do our best to deliver what you have in mind.

All gamers have treasured memories of gaming throughout their youth. We like to think Bespoke Arcades genuinely help clients relive their favourite gaming moments with style. When you bear in mind Bespoke Arcades machines are fully compatible with all emulators, one can see why this is such a terrific option. We can also supply original controllers if yours never survived deep storage.

Time for Mario Kart or Goldeneye championships to resume or perhaps you feel like wandering through your favourite rpg of choice (Dungeon Master isn’t as terrifying as it used to be though) then this hop up is for you. If this peaks your retro-meter, then feel free to get in contact and Bespoke Arcades with do its upmost to provide you with your dream setup. You can read more about the Retrobox here.

Happy Gaming!!

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