Top 5 Upgrades

Here at Bespoke Arcades, we pride ourselves on offering truly bespoke arcade machines (hence the name). The Apex, Synergy and Evo arcade machines can all be purchased in any of the 3 standard formats – Play, Media and Elite. Which one you choose depends on what you require from an arcade machine. Here’s a full and detailed guide to the difference between these 3 systems.

In addition to these 9 standard arcade machines, we actively encourage customers to add their own personal touch. Whether you want to customise the artwork on the marquee or sides, add extra games or choose from a host of cool custom upgrades; virtually every whim can be catered for. With this in mind, we’ve decided to give you a list of our top 5 favourite custom upgrades, in no particular order:

A popular hop-up for our Media and Elite clients, this allows you to mirror what you’re seeing on your arcade onto an HDTV. Perfect for media viewing or connecting your Xbox 360 pad to dominate the battlefield in Black Ops, this option comes as standard on all Elite cabinets and is available as an optional upgrade for all Media arcade cabinets. Play games on your Elite using today’s technology – current processor and graphics cards allow for ultra realistic and unsurpassed gaming. A much celebrated feature which brings cutting edge entertainment into your home. As a Blu-Ray drive comes as standard with your Elite arcade cabinet, you can be assured no playback device comes close to this powerhouse, with gigabytes dedicated to video output.


arcade machine lightgun from Bespoke ArcadesIf you’re considering an Apex or Evo, then you probably contemplating getting a pair of these badboys. They provide endless hours of fun and there’s nothing better than taking down wave after wave of zombies in House of the Dead III after a stressful day at work. These lightguns can be plugged in when required via one of the 4 USB ports at the front of the arcade machine, allowing for clutter-free gaming and ensuring your arcade machine looks exquisite. We have recently written 2 blog posts on this subject, both of these articles can be viewed by following the links provided:

Introducing: 2 Player Lightgun Compatibility
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trackball, spinner, lightgun for arcade machinesThis is one of our top requests. There’s no substitute for the real thing; this genuine arcade trackball is flush-mounted. We build a plug n play trackball, replete with dedicated buttons so you can simply plug it in when necessary. A trackball comes as standard on an Evo Media and Elite.


If you are a fan of Arkanoid, Tempest or Tron, then give us a bell and we can install a genuine arcade spinner onto your control panel. It’s friction free and silky smooth; you will honestly get bored waiting for it to stop spinning. We even give you the option of various flyweights in order to calibrate your spinner to your exact taste.

Smoked Glass:
synergy arcade cabinet with smoked glass
We’ve had a special tint of toughened glass made in order to create this ultra-chic option. A Synergy with smoked glass and black buttons looks so cool, it makes Sub-Zero jealous. All our smoked glass is cut by non other than the official glaziers to Her Royal Highness The Queen, so you can always be assured of a worthy finish to your cabinet.

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