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Arcade Machine PR – The Next Generation Of Gaming – Evo Arcade Machine Is Truly Unique

Introducting the Next Gen Video Gaming Arcade Machine – The Evo Arcade Machine

Bespoke Arcades are constantly striving to bring out the latest and greatest products for their clients. The latest in the video games machines is the Evo arcade cabinet which is the first arcade cabinet to bring together the game play of the yesteryear retro arcade games and the HD graphics and cutting-edge game play of the next generation games. Bespoke Arcades a proud to announce that for the first time in arcade gaming history clients can have the option to hook up their PS3 or X-Box 360 consoles to their beloved Evo arcade machine system. Enabling next gen playability puts the Evo machine on a tier of its own. The Evo arcade machine is the dream of every arcade gamer, and would fit perfectly in a home, business or the games room.

The Evo arcade cabinet comes with a massive 28″ HD 1080p widescreen monitor complete with only branded high quality components providing clients with simply brilliant gaming quality, and the pinnacle of gaming experiences. The Evo arcade machine is the latest in the line of custom-built arcade machines by the award winning arcade machine manufacturer Bespoke Arcades. The manufacturers have appeared on channels such as Sky, BBC, ITV and Channel 5.They have been voted as the “best buy product” on the Gadget Show on Channel 5. T3 have selected the Bespoke Arcades machines as the UK’s Number 1 arcade machines. They have been voted in Top Ten Best Gaming machines by Stuff Magazine. Wayne Rooney chose them as one of his favourite toys in Loaded. And they have many more accolades under their belt.

The Evo looks great and provides high ease of use – it loads straight into the game menu where you can select the game you want and play within moments. Connecting your PS3 up is simple too, just connect up the cables and your on your way. Playing your next generation games including Street Fighter IV, Virtua Fighter 5 and Tekken Dark Resurrection through the arcade joysticks and buttons enable the client to play next gen titles in an arcade machine. As standard over 350 licensed arcade games are included, the arcade cabinets are completely compatible with other games, emulators and educational packages.

The arcade machines designed by Bespoke Arcades are tailored to your individual desires with a plethora of additional options. Each and every arcade machine is completely customisable inside the cabinet and outside.

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