time crisis arcade machine

Time Crisis Arcade Machine

Time Crisis arcade machine was originally released in 1995 and is a singularly beloved on-rails-shooter by fans of the genre. It therefore undoubtedly added a huge element of interactivity for this kind of game employing a cover system, allowing players to duck behind objects via a pedal being released. 

However you can’t simply loiter behind cover all day as there’s a timer counting down, thereby forcing the player to be more Clint Eastwood than C-3PO. Time additions are gained by shooting enemies quicly and moving onto the next area.

So how would you play Time Crisis Arcade today?

Well there are cabinets dotted around, although our media and Elite editions plays the game admirably. Graphics can be upscaled to HD which brings the game into the modern era. But lets not forget, our machines can play a whole host of light gun games from Operation Wolf to Confidential mission- our plug and play light guns won’t let you down in a firefight or accuracy.

Bespoke Arcades Premium Machines

  • Apex Arcade Cabinets

    Apex Arcade Cabinets

    The best-regarded, award winning classic compact 20” square-screen 2 player upright arcade machine. Fits anywhere.

    • Fits Anywhere
    • T3 Group Test Winner
    • 4:3 Authentic Screen Size
    • Great in any Living Space/Office
    • Full 2-Player Panel
    • Light Gun Compatible
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  • Evo Arcade Cabinets

    Evo Arcade Cabinets

    Where past meets modern in the largest, most comfortable 28” widescreen 2 player upright arcade cab.

    • Huge 28 " Widescreen
    • Great for Classic and Modern Gaming
    • Add Spinner & Trackball
    • Awesome For Light-Gun Games
    • As used by Capcom
    • 4 Player Panel version available
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  • Synergy Arcade Cabinets

    Synergy Arcade Cabinets

    The ultimate 20” square screen classic compact tabletop.

    • The Original Tabletop 20"
    • 4:3 Ratio Screen
    • Both Vertical & Horizontal panels
    • Perfect for the living room
    • Sleek, Elegant Design
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  • Synergy X Arcade Cabinets

    Synergy X Arcade Cabinets

    The ultimate 28” widescreen modern larger tabletop.

    • 28' Widescreen Display
    • Easily Fit Trackballs & Spinners
    • The Best Tabletop Money Can Buy
    • Perfect for Modern & Classic Gaming
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  • Nu-Gen Arcade Cabinets

    Nu-Gen Arcade Cabinets

    Our modern Japanese-style 32” widescreen 2PL/4PL arcade machine with its smart curves and elegant design.

    • Available in Sit-down and Stand-up models
    • Massive 32" 4k Screen
    • Perfect for 4 Player Gaming
    • Huge 95cm Control Panel
    • As Used For MK 10 & 11 Tournaments
    • Often copied- never bettered
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  • Apex Racing Cabinet

    Apex Racer Cabinet

    The only Genuine arcade racer on the market with Real Arcade Controls!

    • Real Happ Suzo Arcade Controls
    • Meant for Arcade Racing
    • Play All Your Favourites
    • No Compromise In Quality
    • Add A Light Gun For Extra Fun!
    • Available in Play, Media & Elite
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  • GT Arcade Cabinets

    GT Arcade Cabinets

    The most versatile and budget-friendly cabinets on the market today.

    • Available in stand-up, cocktail & coffee table styles
    • 19” 4:3 HD MVA Screen + Arcade Game System
    • Handmade in the UK to Highest Standard
    • So Simple to Use – Just Plug and Play
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pac man by Bespoke Arcades

The GunCon Light Gun

The original gun used special circuitry to pinpoint the position of the gun in relation to the screen. Lastly there was also recoil which is an option we offer in our light gun upgrades. 

This now iconic light gun was subsequently first used in Point Blank. Our light guns are also based on the original GunCon so feels familiar to use.

Not only was The Time Crisis Arcade machine a true hit in arcades but was a flagship Playstation title released with the launch of the GunCon light gun. This version also features a side story mode. Multiple routes are accessed depending on the player’s skill taking out the bad guys. Subsequently this version is a great alternative to the arcade original as the extra mission is awesome. The graphics are a tad lo-fi but the satisfaction of shooting baddies with one shot easily compensates.

Time Crisis’ main competitor was Sega’s Virtua Cop, however many still preferred it to its sequel Virtua Cop 2. The cover system redefined how this type of game is played, developing a new way to tackle such a game.

  • Time Crisis Arcade Machine

    Arcade / PS1

    There’s nothing like being a one man army. Rescue the President’s daughter and thanks to the then new 3D graphics and pedal based cover system, never has this scenario been so thrilling to play out. The new cover system set the style of play for subsequent titles, with each one getting more

    Best Emulator: MAME / EPSX1

  • the arcade night at shoreditch house 2 300x66 by Bespoke Arcades

    1998 Arcade / PS2

    Now using the System 23 arcade board and introducing 2 player simultaneous co-operative play, each player covers each other from different fields of view. This makes the players work and push forward in bursts together. The PS2 version allows either split screen or 2 consoles (with separate tv’s and games) connected via an i-link cable.

    Best emulator: MAME / PCSX2 With the nuvee plugin

  • the arcade night at shoreditch house 2 600x131 by Bespoke Arcades

    2002 Arcade / PS2

    So what's new in this instalment of Time Crisis? Well now it has a weapon change button so our 2 protagonists can switch between various styles of weapon. The Time Crisis universe has been expanded on the Playstation 2 featuring a formerly unplayable character Alicia Winston who is armed with a sniper rifle. The PS2 version also features more weapons.

    Best emulator: MAME / PCSX2 With the nuvee plugin

  • the arcade night at shoreditch house 2 by Bespoke Arcades

    2006 Arcade / PS3

    And where do we go from here? The cover system has been changed to allow you to switch between various forms of cover. This can be done by shooting arrows on either side of the screen. Believe it or not- this was a freebie as part of Razing Storm on the PS3 and offered support for the then new fangled versatile Move controller.

    Best Emulator: RPCS3

  • SynergyXCoffeeTable White 2 by Bespoke Arcades


    This is the only gem not to be ported onto consoles of the time. The franchise has taken a graphical leap thanks to being powered graphically by the Unreal Engine. The cover system continues to be upgraded with each player having 2 pedals to switch between angles and get round those pesky enemies’ shields. The weapon change system can be accessed via a button on the gun along with a souped up recoil sensation.

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  • time crisis series 190x300 by Bespoke Arcades

    1999 Arcade PS2

    Rejoice- we have unlimited ammo in this version and cover is provided via a ballistic shield. Another first for the franchise is the ability to choose which levels to tackle. Once all 3 have been played through, the final level can be tackled.

    Best emulator: PCSX2 With the nuvee plugin

  • time crisis series by Bespoke Arcades

    2001 PS1

    Originally (and perhaps insensitively) named “Geronimo”, T.Hawk’s tribe had been run off their ancestral home by Bison and Shadoloo so seeks revenge. There’s a bittersweet ending as he regains his land however its been pillaged and decrees to restore it. He’s in the same weight category as the larger characters like Zangief, however he’s much quicker.

  • puma 2 logo png transparent gif by Bespoke Arcades

    (2009 Arcade PS3)

    Known in the Land of the Rising Sun as “Big Gun 3”, this title was compatible with both the GunCon 3 and Playstation Move controller. This game also includes a remake of Time Crisis 4 so if you can pick this up- its a great couple of games to own for the PS3

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So what’s the best way to Play Time Crisis?

If you own the original games and can’t play due to the demise of the SCART socket- here are some hints on what emulator to use and how 🙂

MAME: The bedrock emulator of any arcade machine. Once you’ve got time crisis up and running- here’s a hint from Mamedev.org to calibrate the gun:

Gunsight Adjustment: Hit 9 (Service SW) + F2 (Test SW) to enter gun calibration. Hit LEFT ALT two times then aim for the target, using LEFT ALT to shoot, lining up your shot. Test to see that the target is aligned then hit 9 (Service SW) and then F2 (Test SW) to write NVRAM and return to game. It’s suggested you fully restart the game after this step as there is sometimes left over target graphics from procedure.

EPSX/EPSX2/PCSXR: Undoubtably takes some tinkering, but it should be noted you have the light gun calibrated as Left mouse button for the trigger, middle and right buttons for the rest. In addition to that, use the “nuvee” plugin. Tinker with it, use Google and you should be up and running in no time.