Collection: 4 Player Upright Arcade Machines

For serious head-to-head gaming and collaborative carnage, our 4 player upright arcade machines are the best around. Boasting top-of-the-range emulation software, stand-up cabinets and the sleekest designs, each machine strikes a perfect balance between old school aesthetics and new-age quality.

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4 Player Arcade Machine FAQs

How Many Games Do Your 4-Player Arcade Machines Offer?

Each of our 4-player arcade machines feature thousands of ready-to-play games, seamlessly downloaded from DMCA-approved sources. These can be downloaded and stored on your machine via wi-fi, or accessed wirelessly as and when you want to play. Should you wish to add your own emulators to Bespoke Arcades machines, this can be done on our Media and Elite models.

Hardcore retroists and gaming fanatics will find no shortage of classics on our Play, Media and Elite machines, featuring 24,000, 33,000 and 35,000+ games, respectively. 

You can find out more about our Retro Cloud™ streaming app and vast selection of games here.

Do You Offer Customisation Options for 4-Player Arcade Machines?

We sure do! Each of our 4-player machines is fully customisable, from cabinet finish and graphics to joysticks, edging, buttons and speakers. Looking to add a wireless steering wheel, trackball, spinner or lightguns? We’ve got you.

Bespoke by name, bespoke by nature.

Are Your Arcade Machine Suitable For Home And Commercial Use?

A Bespoke Arcades machine makes an impressive addition to any space. That said, if you’re looking to monetise a machine, it is a legal requirement that they contain the original JAMMA arcade board. The good news is that each and every one of our Commercial machines features the original circuit boards, boasting iconic design and gameplay. These are the go-to choice for pubs, clubs and workplaces worldwide.

What Software Do Your 4 Player Machines Run On?

All Bespoke Arcades and GT Arcade machines utilise Windows 10 based PCs. As it stands, there is no better way to accurately emulate the multitude of arcade and console games that our machines offer. 

We’re proud to offer the best arcade machines in the world, and are constantly working to make our products the finest versions of themselves. Each and every one of our machines is fitted with the PC best-suited to its specific function and requirements. 

Additionally, all Bespoke Arcades Media and Elite cabinets come with a front-loading hard drive caddy, allowing users to add any number of ready-made games to their machine.

Where Are Your 4 Player Arcade Cabinets Built?

Every single one of our machines are manufactured on-site, right here in the UK. We’re proud to build our cabinets with the highest quality materials and are one of the only manufacturers in the world to utilise traditional cabinetry techniques. This ensures Bespoke Arcades machines are consistently a cut above the rest in terms of build, quality and performance.

How Do I Set Up My 4-Player Arcade Machine?

Setting up your 4-Player arcade machine couldn’t be simpler. Simply plug it in, enter your wifi password, and let the games begin.

Do 4-Player Arcade Machines Come With A Warranty?

Every Bespoke Arcade machine is backed by a comprehensive 12-month parts/labour warranty, including on-site support for an initial 3 months, should any issues arise. We also offer unlimited phone/remote support on all of our machines for the lifetime of the product so you can rest assured that there will always be one of us on hand to assist you should you ever need it once you have your machine.

How Wide is a 4-Player Cabinet?

As 4-Player cabinets require more room to accommodate four players, they are generally quite wide with our 4-PL Evo measuring 1040mm wide and our 4-PL Nu-Gen (sit-down or stand-up) measuring 960mm wide. Despite the size, there is no need to worry about getting your 4PL machine into your home/workplace as both of our 4-PL cabinets have removable control panels that allow us/you to fit them through most doors/entrances to get it comfortably to its final resting place.

How Heavy is a 4-Player Cabinet?

Our 4-PL machines are generally our heaviest machines with our 4PL Evo and 4PL Nu-Gen weighing approximately 85kg once removed from the packaging. If you are concerned about the weight of any of our machines, then we can arrange either a 1-man or 2-man delivery to assist you to get it into your home/workplace with the minimum of fuss - if interested in this option then please get in touch and we can get a quote for you no problem at all.